Megathread part 4.1 (oct 2018) beam buff not enough!

I know its still in DEV right now, but anyone else feel uneasy about her overall rework. I appreciate the attention she is getting, but they never even fixed her in the first rework. She needed more quality of life changes on top of the 2.0 rework. Then they go and entirely change her without fixing her first.

The 2 seconds it takes to get to the next charge has me concerned especially sense she does not have lock on anymore and from the sounds of it she’s been reworked only to break shields and not much more. I don’t see getting too much use out of the turrets unless they do something great like remove movement abilities, her orb sounds… interesting, especially when fighting tracer, but it all just feels like its missing something to make her really on par with other heroes. Maybe its her ult, that sounds rather silly in my opinion.

Will her health increase to make her be able to survive needing to charge her primary for four seconds? 200 aint going to go far for her, maybe 275 and have 75 be shields? Will her primary also take 2 seconds to lose charge? It feels like she loses it a lot faster than one second now…

I know I should just wait for the next update but the lack of information is making me nervous and I just want to play symm again. (not in this meta)


You’re right man. Its making me feel uneasy too. I feel like the kit is super disjointed and has no internal synergy.

Just want to let everybody know, Symmetra has a 100% win rate in Overwatch Contenders SA

Here’s literally every time she’s been picked. (skip to 7:55)

As you can see, she wins every single time she is used.


Not to mention that no other rework has a character changed “ROLE” from Support to Defense. Symmetra is the first.

She recieved many First

First to be reworked symm 2.0
First to have two ultimates
First character to be changed From supp to def.
First to be the only character not used in OWL.


Okay, I have to admit. I’m starting to like the Sym rework. They said her TP is now a two-way door, which means she can literally save her entire team from a grav


Here’s the quote.

Look’s like we’re getting a Grav-Strike counter.

Hanzo was on “offense” class back in Beta, then switched to defense. Granted, not so radical change as from support to defense, but she is not the first

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I like this tp idea a lot better. That’s one change I can get behind. It can act as an escape, gives us mobility, we could use it as a pseudo barrier (300hp), and depending on the trigger CD we can potentially tp dance. We’ll also be able to bring people to us, giving a bit of the old functions; we might be able to clutch tp save, if its good enough. I like this setup more than the item tp way more.

I’m a bit worried about the turrets air popping. The turrets still entails some foresight placing like the old one’s and this emphasizes that play more. Hope they pump the turrets to still be worth it, maybe give us 4 if they lose mid combat viability?

Now I’m just concerned with getting the enemy/barrier piercing orbs back. I’m more concerned about the new orbs now to be honest.


Im talking more like First in reworks stuff,
Beta? Its common knowledge that it is on early stages and may change on final game.

But im talking about the final game where it is officially released and then undergoes rework to certain character so yes Symmetra is the first.

This is the main concern I have. No adjustments have been made to her existing kit in an attempt to improve her viability. They skipped tweaking the knobs and jumped straight to completely rebuilding her. My first steps would have been to give her current centuries more health and removing the CD for constructing them (infinite charges but still 6 max) and buffing her damage, and moving her to defense, but they didn’t even seem to try. Will the same thing happen with Sym 3.0 if she turns out to have just as low a pick rate?


This is Sym 3.0. They have reworked her once before and it failed. They added shield gen and projected barrier to her kit.

Anyone else feel that the rework may change too much

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It couldn’t change too much for me, I’m really excited to see what they’ve come up with.

hopefully it’s on the ptr today

ITS HERE! On the PTR right now! Alongside the new Horizon Lunar Colony

She’s AWESOME. I’m gonna have to rebind Sentries to scroll wheel, and teleporter to shift though because the standard controls feel weird now. Projectiles on Shift never feels right to me

And the mega Photon Barrier looks awesome

It’s a bit weird gauging the range of her new beam, but that will just take some getting used to. She feels amazingly solid on the PTR. Nothing feels underpowered or overpowered to me, though i haven’t played many games yet


That’s the problem like you literally have to try her out before giving an full explanation. She’s worst than 2.0 especially with this kit.

Meanwhile on Console: Cries in Symmetra because there is no console ptr

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Her Oasis teleporter doesn’t have the flower anymore
please be a oversight, please be a oversight, please be a oversight


I’ll report that on the bug report forums