Meet the 2023 Overwatch World Cup Competition Committees

Meet the 2023 Overwatch World Cup Competition Committees

Find out who will be leading your nation to victory in the 2023 World Cup

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Okay sounds good, thanks

This is fantastic news thanks for the update but what about mouse and keyboard support on console?

Also since if the deal closes we will be getting the game on GFN anyway why not just bring it to GFN right now?

It’s not like Activision Blizzard is going to get money from NVIDIA for the privilege to host the game so yeah…

By the way any chance of MacOS support?

If you want to grow your game you want it on as many platforms as possible…


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Another garbage tournament


I dont think you really should be having competitions going on with this game until you get the game fixed there bud. :slight_smile: .

Just a Recap:

1 ) The game’s engine really needs reverting. Especially the extra effects that make this game clunky now.

2 ) reverting OUT of the crossplay engine for PC players, and only IF they use it. Should the system move them over to the Cross-play engine. The tickrate is… :poop:

3 ) Game audio sounds REALLY bad. Sorry. Overwatch 1 sounded much better.

4 ) It is TIME to ask for CASH to play this game. Shut the faucet off on new accounts and any accounts from this point out. Should be 40 BUCKS to play, and never put it on sale. EVER AGAIN.

5 ) Time to punish cheaters with OS bans.

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8 days, only 3 likes and 5 comments. I’m honestly sorry because it should be a time where every gamer should feel very patriotic.

but I guess it’s the consequences of cuddling your “gold palace” OWL too often, so… I can’t say you didn’t expect the consequences.

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Chill, its mostly because no one knows the names of the actual players yet, it will be different when we start seeing popular/known people there.

Hard to make people invested in a tournament of a game that is not good.
Just having “2” in the title won’t make a game better.

Who is going to bet it will be back to having no world cup next year?

You can count all the popular OW players on one hand. Will it really be surprising to see them in there?


Really? Put the exact US roster here then. And also 2 other countries, like for example Canada and Korea. Lets see if you know whats going to happen.

i tried to watch some of the games

but the casters were so cringe i couldn’t

you can tell these people have been working from home far far too long. they need to get out, socialize, and get some sun

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