Measurements used in patchnotes

I am honestly curious about the unit of measurement used to describe their measurements.
I feel like this needs to be brought up because the numbers given are kind of vague because we dont have any frame of reference for how much of a change has actually gone on.

I feel like this thread is useful because I feel like its a simple change that wont any problems.

Also I feel like I should point out that, TF2 has hammer units which are units that can be directly compared to the units of measurement we use IRL.

I can make a pretty good guess about size measurements.

Hanzos sonic arrow radius reduction is measured in meters, so i think it is very likely that all the other size measurements are in meters. Meaning that Junkrat had a projectile size of 0.3 meters and it got reduced to 0.2 meters.

As for the projectile speed of Hanzos arrows? No idea. I doubt it is an actual measurement, more so a number where 0 is no speed and something like 1000 is hitscan. (Just an example)

that makes sense.

but im curious if they actually use a unit of measurement but convert it when making their patch notes.