Maybe Pink Mercy isn't coming back

On the back of her skirt and the ribbons on her gloves

The skin itself doesn’t have any trademarks on it.

I just don’t see why all of the people who wants the skin so bad don’t already have it. Honestly, the few people I’ve talked to about on the forums were more concerned with blizzard donations than the actual skin since they had it anyway.

Ill just say it again in case those people didn’t see it the first time. If you want to donate then just donate. You dont need an event or a reward for doing so. If you do then you don’t care about the donations. You care about making yourself feel good.

Irrelevant. People want the skin. They want to buy it with money. People don’t really care what happens with that money, but I would suspect most would prefer it gets put to better use than just paying Blizzard. Though obviously they wouldn’t be too upset if it did.

A lot of people are newer to the game than the skin’s release date. It came out, what, mid-2018?

Despite playing since launch I wasn’t playing in 2018 so I don’t have it. I mean, I’m not crying about it like a lot of these people and I fully agree with your overall point but there are a lot of reasons people who want it don’t have it.

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People always want everything.

Doesn’t mean they are gonna get it. It’s just a freakin pink skin, ffs. It’s not even a good skin. People need to get over it and be happy with what they have


oh well life goes on… although!!

i wouldnt mind a nier automata mercy skin??>?

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Careful, people don’t like hearing the truth


Speaking of truth, I bet more people would rather take some naughty skin sooner than the pink skin.

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BCRF hasn’t been destroyed by Komen yet so I don’t think it’s an issue.

Good idea give me succubus mercy :smiley:

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And also Dominatrix Brig and Bondage Suit Mei. Doubt it’ll happen somehow.

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To be fair, they’ve brought back their own skins.

Pink is a collab, just like Lego Bastion, so I find it unlikely that either of them will make a return anytime soon. I’d be surprised if they ever come back.

Doesn’t that sound like a Cancer in itself?

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when and if Blizzard/Microsoft decides it will return, it will return, regardless of how many forum members claim otherwise

thats not what was stated, actually

this has been stated many times in threads like this one

but it is irrelevant to the topic, because the very nature of the skin is that it was issued specifically to appeal to those who dont donate without recompense

I dont see any crying here at all

what I see are folks asking for something they wish to purchase

this is an entirely normal customer action, nothing negative about it whatsoever, despite what the comment above appears to imply

about 900 thousand purchases were made, and players re still clamoring to buy more

this speaks volumes about how “good” of a skin it is perceived to be


Yeah, this would make sense. I agree.

I personally don’t go out of my way to really ever donate to ANY non proffit. If a person sits down and looks at the books of these companies and see what they really do with that cash flow. There is always 3-10 people on their “Board of directors” at a Non-Proffit that soak up 90,000 DOLLAR a year paychecks or more. Why they think they need to pay them that, is beyond me. But needless to say, it is NOT going back to the people that actually need the money.

For me, it might be me chipping in a go-fund meh for a Local’s funeral or If they are near enough and their facility has a pipe organ I will play for the funeral, no fees requested. But the rest, no.

I use to be a stand-in Cash Register jockey in Grocery store, when the other cashiers would go on break and my boss would chide me to push for the ribbons or baloons or whatever nonsense was that we were to collect on behalf of the company. I told him the same thing " go look at the books, less than 5% of the actual money they are donating actually goes into what the cause was initially for". and that I won’t commit fraud. :slight_smile: . Call me a sour sport, but the reality is, yeah. This post makes perfect sense ! :+1:

“It’s not coming back”
“We have no plans to bring it back”

Ok u got me, they aren’t literally the same phrases :person_shrugging:


In addition to not being the exact same phrases, the most important thing is that they dont have the same meaning

It’s not about how good the skin is for those people. They just collect.

And for those who don’t donate without a reward, they still haven’t barely any of that money actually made it to breast cancer charities. At least, as far as what money actually helped anyone. Most of it went to lining pockets and overhead business costs.