Matchmaking issues

Hi, i re-post here because it seems to be the place.

I am having trouble with the matchmaking.
I am ann average but experienced player and i m stuck bronze for years.
My games are insanely hard compare to others friends that have easier games and has gone gold.

I’m not a tryharder. Going gold would be some little challange and even more the possibility to play with guys involved in the game like me who comunicate and play their role seriously. That’s the reason on having a matchmaking : having fun games with players of the same level and as involved as we are in the game.

but it seems that doesn’t work wiith the matchmaking and maybe with defficient hidden mmr.

Does blizzard want to do anything to rebalance their matchmaking and giving fun back for the players that are playing seriously without tryharding the game ?

Teams are often a good one versus a bad one -> stomp.
And on some accounts, you get almost always good teams or almost bad teams. That can be very easy to climb the ladder or extremely hard in that condition.

Blizzard’s unofficial solution: buy a new copy.