Matchmaking issues

Hello there. I am not going to talk about people that don’t join voice chat, throwers, smurfs etc. Common issue in Overwatch matchmaking is the fact that you mostly get full tank/support teams. Might happen full DPS, however never met any this season. Why is this happening? It’s happening in quick play, in Competitive too, however biggest impact is in competitive of course. For example, if I get 4 support mains and 2 tank mains but enemies get 2 support mains and 4 DPS mains, I think it’s quite obvious who is going to lose due to a lack of damage. Players in full tank/support teams don’t deserve to lose, they are good but they have to suffer thanks to the matchmaking not giving DPS players. Maybe the LFG system will help it, but people choose not to play in a big group so this issue might still occur.

Hopefully the new LFG tool will fix this issue, and not have any fatal flaws.

It’s live on the PTR now: Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – June 5, 2018

Just saw this. Yeah, if people refuse to use a feature implemented to address their complaints, then their complaints will not be addressed. :confused:

Thing is … people came up with all these excuses for their current rank … so you have “one tricks” - people that won’t switch from their main, then you have these “mains” who don’t want/get to play their mains …
So, if you play Mercy only for 3 hours in comp … you’ll be reported for being “one trick” and not switching off Mercy, but if you switch to something else, you’ll be reported for trolling, because you’re not playing your main :smiley: That’s how f*ed up our community is.
Morale of the story … losers will always try to find someone to blame for their failures, while winners will always try to learn from their failures.