Matchmaking in Masters

So im constantly running into a problem with solo que in masters. I’ve lost my last 11 games in a row with one being a draw. I started taking screenshots of my team comp as well as the end game stats for each game and I’m out performing the matching roles. ( Yes, I know stats dont mean anything…) but I have the awareness to know what the correct positioning is, communication, and flex/change to whatever is needed.

But no matter how good of a game I have, it feels like my team is outmatched. (Sounds typical but it’s the reason I’m saving the screenshots to prove my point) At this level, I expect to play against good players/teams, but I also want to be matched WITH good players on my team as well. I don’t mind losing if the games are close or fair but that’s not the current state.

Surprisingly, after having a 5-13 W-L, I only deranked 1 placement. Master 1 to Master 2.

If this is what’s going to be left of comp then what’s the point of playing. I would love to put tons of hours into this for each role but not if this current state of matchmaking is going to continue.


i’m sorry to say that dude, but the whole game is totally broken and it’s hearth breaking, imagine i got banned for cheat without cheating and one of my friends two time for cheat too with 0 cheats the whole game is actually a joke, the only thing is to boycott this… you cannotn do anything, or just reduce your playtime, i have no other idea for you because for the matchmaking it’s the same, he is a totally non sense, and THE WORST matchmaking i experienced in competitive game.


Matchmaker can be blamed for 90% of my losses.

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What was your rank In OW1? You might have been MMR boosted and now the games trying to compensate.

I agree. If you weren’t on your team you’d win more!. If only that was possible.

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i was mid masters in OW1

Come on man, have some accountability. What an egotistical thing to say lol

40/40/20 rule… look it up

this is likely because there are no reliable servers in your region. or you’ve reached your daily allotment of 20 matches per day. so your connection to the ow server was nerfed.

my bad, you’re right I should’ve carried harder lmao

I’m having the same issue on my off role in masters. I go 5-3 non stop til I finally go up a tier, then a massive losing streak followed by a massive winstreak back into 5-3 repeatedly to go up 1 tier. It feels so forced and orchestrated like I’m in a theater play or something

No, you’re just overly blaming the system and not taking enough accountability. 40% of games you CAN’T carry, not 90%.

Masters 1 is hard to rank up from, keep going against top 500 Tracers lol