Matchmaker be like

Sure it is, although many people when they are talking about skill they mean fraging skill.
But even that is of limited use, because if you have 5 teammates playing their own game, you only can realistically adapt to one of them.
Of course if you are somewhere maybe gold or plat, the enemy team may be the same, and your team having at least 2 players working together already can be a huge advantage, if the rest of the lobby just plays deathmatch.

And also identifying such things in the enemy team is a huge factor, if you can identify their carry and neutralize it you can also do a lot to make your team win, although you have to rely on the rest of your team to win the deathmatch against the enemy.

Here’s the official announcement: Welcome to Season 8 of Competitive Play - News - Overwatch - the deep links are broken, but you can dig the forums if you like.

Personal performance Skill Rating adjustments for Diamond-tier players and above have been removed. Previously, Skill Rating gained or lost in these tiers was calculated in part by how well you performed during a match. We hope this will help players focus more on winning matches rather than on their individual performance. To learn more about this change, click here.

Overwatch forum be like:
3600+ post on forum.
level 16 in game

I can no longer use my main account to post with lol. I’m level 2953 on it

nevertheless. if your winrate is 50 % you are at your actual rank. otherwise you still gain sr even with a 50% winrate.

Match making is just garbage, whatever blizzard tried to make it work, didnt, and in a major way.

This is compounded by their blatant support of smurfing.

stop talking garbage. the match making is fine. it would be actually great if the playerbase would be bigger in the very high and very low ranks.
they dont support smurfing. its not against anything to creat a new account. but if you actually do so, you gain or lose massive amout of sr. there is nothing you can do about it.
Overwatch has so many heroes that are so different that you cant be on the same level with all of them.
and it would be totally fine if people wouldnt derank/throw.

and this the only thing they dont do enough is punish derankers. but this is far from “supporting smurfs” like wtf

I think the fair matchmaking is what keeps alot of people playing.

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I think the garbage dumpster match making and lack of balance is what made 99% of the playerbase quit.

Very Nice Take. Alot of people are still puffing on copium thinking that they should be x or y rank. Alt accounts may not even be an issue at all. People who derank cause more damage to MM then 50 alt accounts. When ever i make my smurfs i usually get my first placement in mid plat then after placements rank diamond then in 4 or 5 games im in masters then another few games im in high masters which those players should be able to deal with a smurf only slightly higher then them. so at most im impacting about 15 games and only 10 of those are low sr… and most people arent GM so that plat smurf is going to rank plat after placements.

Only people who defend smurfs are the horrible people who smurf themselves.

I meant a official post about there not being hidden mmr after 3k sr. This only tells us that personal performance skill rating has been removed. That is different from the hidden mmr.

Another day of this stupid BS

Get absolutely rolled
Get absolutely rolled
Get absolutely rolled

Steamroll enemy
Steamroll enemy
Steamroll enemy

Get absolutely rolled
Get absolutely rolled
Get absolutely rolled

Steamroll enemy
Steamroll enemy
Steamroll enemy

One actual close match


also i think consistency is the key. i mean i have my good games but i also have tons of bad games. its wanting something too… i really aint gonna try and be focused EVERY match and try to do well. some games i do go on autopilot mode and just hope my team does all the work for me lol

one of the reasons why i quit comp, dont want to TRY hard every game i mean

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50% exists, you can look at a top Twitch streamer who is top500 and add up the numbers yourself.

If they go on a bit win streak, they get lower t500 in their team and most often lose their next few games.

The “personal performance skill rating” is the MMR score. It’s just another name for it.

Blizzard itself have been using them interchangeably (MMR is easier to pronounce than PBSR, I guess).

My personal favorite so far is when yesterday I dodged 3 tank players in a row that were 2300, 2100 and 1950SR players. As someone whose career low rank is +2700 from S2, rising up to 3100SR and above from S3 and further, I should never be in the same games with these players unless they were stacking with GMs which they weren’t. Besides these I dodge multiple 2300SR off-role players too coming to the conclusion that the solo player experience is completely dead and stacking is the only way to have a decent gameplay experience anymore

The 5-12 minute queues while stacking are a much better and healthier option than whatever travesty the 1 minute solo queues are…

This is so wrong. Mmr is you skill rating behind sr, it can’t be changed much in 1 match. Personal performance skill on the other hand is how much sr you get for your preformance per match. If I play my first game very well and the second awfull but win both then im gonna get more sr from the first game than the second. Mmr might be easier to explain with high rank placements. This account got placed 3900, but because im a gm player I gain more and lose less untill im back in gm. Someone who placed diamond will gain and lose the same ammount because his mmr is still diamond and mine was in gm.
So to the conclusion is: Personal performance skill is different per match, and mmr isn’t.

Dude, you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about.

The MMR score is used by the matchmaker below the Diamond level. It’s calculated based on the performance metrics, NOT on wins/losses. And that’s why it’s also called PBSR.

Below the Diamond, the game places you with people with similar MMR, and NOT with the similar SR. There’s in fact a separate mechanism called “SR Adjustment” which tries to boost you into the “correct” SR score based on your MMR score.

That’s how you could gain 100 SR for winning one game in the past.

I won 10 games in a row, I’m sick of this forced 100% win rate.

Pretty sure its the other way around xD.

This is the same for games above dia. And if you say its not then you will have to explain me something. This account used to be 4.2, but now that ive only got it up to 4k I still get 4200 games. Weird right? Almost as if my mmr is still 4200. But you say that there is no mmr above dia. Then why am I consistently getting 4200 games?

The reason that you get 100 sr on a freshie is because the matchmaker doesn’t know your mmr yet. So you gain and lose a lot because its trying to figure out your mmr as fast as possible.

Maybe if you get above dia some time you will see for yourself. Or you can watch streamers like necros do placements on their alts and still get into gm games although their sr is 3900.