Matchmaker be like

it is strange sometimes. yesterday had like 5 straight losses during a stretch but today its been good more like 60/40 and had a 4 game winning streak just now. weird how it works like that sometimes

:man_shrugging: just dont look at win/losses i guess, try your best and dont worry about it

My experience this season:

Loss x6, easily preventable loss due to team ignoring a flanker x4, win, steamroll, loss x4; repeat

That’s my complaint about it. The matchmaker is doing the best it can. But games don’t feel like fair matches. We’re almost always either playing against OWL players in their spare time or against people with their screens turned off.


Wait, is this Match maker for Quickplay or Match maker for Competitive?

That is my Quickplay Experience. not my Competitive experience. I don’t play THAT awful mode anymore. With all the smurffs in it. That isn’t worth my time.

Get better at the game/maybe the matchmaker is doing its job by placing me at the correct rank :x:
Matchmaker 50% forced winrate :white_check_mark:

Who does?

That’s what probability is all about. It’s never absolute.

There will always be error.

The words rigged and forced tend to be the issue as people do not see that as hyperbole and believe you literally mean it is an unstoppable force when in reality it is more of a bias of the system which a lot of games adopt nowadays as retention is valued over competitive integrity.

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So I think I’m able to game this a bit not much a bit.

This season what I have been doing is on the games we are steamrolling i underperform, once I know it’s going to be a W not throw just don’t tryhard too much so that your stats are below par.

What this does is when you get that winstreak breaking game you won’t have too much loosers of the day on your team as the game doesn’t think you are a tryhard and considers you a looser as well, in this game you try hard play to your best and if you don’t tilt to the dumb ducks around you, you can get a win.

Then once again when you get a good team underperform.

This preserves your sanity and helps you have fun as you aren’t full throttle all time.

This isn’t perfect as the game will manage to throw utter trite in your team from now and again, and no they don’t belong in your rank just cause they have same sr, most or blatant throwers mostly Smurfs going down or boosted accounts.

Don’t tilt to those L.

This season I’m trying this so far have managed a 76% wr on ana who I main on support.

Though I expect it to drop to 55 -60 by the season end.

all the forced 50/50 people…theyre convinced the game can tell the results ahead of time

No though, the issue here is the 50-50 doesn’t occur cause you peaked to your skill, rather due to win games and loose games sponsored by bliz to keep folx happy.

In most games with competitive integrity like cs or rocket league you never feel this those games have their fair share of Smurfs and throwers too, but games feel evenly matched for most part win or lose.

funny you say that right as i come off a 8-0 RL comp loss…

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Read it wrong I thought you were talking of ow, rl it’s probably you having a bad day.

That’s the thing with those games you know they don’t sponsor loose streaks like ow and even in loss mostly they are close fought matches.

What do you think it should look like? Let me guess lol


Win x infiity…

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It’s not about the W or L themselves it’s that they are sponsored by Blizzard.

yea right a lot of people think this way but i guess some argue they want more close matches. in overwatch tho its all about ult management so even with closely matched skilled players the one sided romps will still happen. as long as there are tons of team-wipe ults overwatch will always be a snowball


I mean they try to find the most balanced match they can. Unless you’re really good in top 500 or really bad at like 50SR then they’ll have no issue putting you into matches where either team can win. Naturally this leads to having a winrate around 50%

That’s more an issue of blizzard deciding to place support ults on cooldown rather than leave them as actual ults. Most games come down to who can press Q better lol. Hopefully OW2 with less ult charge can help fix this.

Sorry I thought it was the other blue bottle dude.

I can agree with this. We either completely roll the other team or get completely rolled. There are very few good games.


Dude, yes! Good post.

Actual close matches are rare, and the ONLY time I will actually say “gg”

Every other time, I feel disrespectful saying gg after crushing enemy, or too tilted to say it after being rolled and lost in 1:20 min match