Matching isn't "better", it's WAAAYYY worse

The stompyness isn’t a “thinking as good as they are” thing.

If they are complaining about that, it isn’t them. After all if they are stomping as much as being stomped, then it isn’t a skill problem.

I think there is problems in the game itself, which makes it more stompy than it should be.

But they are hard to fix ones.

It was why when DPS had speedup on a elim, I was arguing it should be on an elim on their own team, rather than making it so a pick was MUCH more likely to lead to more picks.

The issue we have is once you start winning, you get SO much in favour of keeping on winning.

The next fight, you have ult, positioning, and tilt advantage, and typically less of your team trickling to deal with depending on rank.

This makes the game more likely to produce a stomp even if the teams are even.

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You’re reporting people because they are being forced into matches where everyone is a higher skill level? You think it’s fun being the worst player on the team? You think you have it bad??? But you’re punishing the people who have it worse than you do. That’s the stupidest thing I’ve read this week.

Yeah, that’s what I did for 1.5 years… I guess I’ll just go back to it.

For me, I’m just getting put on team after team where I’m the worst player on the team by far and everyone tells me to kill myself every match. Last season was normal and fun, and I won 59% of my matches and hit Gold for first time. This season, I’m on teams with all alt accounts and they are shocked a (now) Silver player is in their lobby and they pray for my death continuously via text chat. All I do is apologize, ask them who they want me to swap to and promise I’m trying my best… But of course, unless I actually kill myself, nothing I offer is gonna make them happy.

Not sure what that means, I don’t remember every saying or thinking I was good. I did enjoy last season though, I was “good” in the matches I played in at my skill level.

If that was the case then I’d get some of them on my side.

Yeah I was gonna say, quick play matchmaking is broken as well.


It’s impossible for anyone to prove, but almost every game my team has one player that the rest of the team is supposed to “carry”. I know the scoreboard doesn’t tell the full story of the game, but it seems every game there’s one teammate finishing the game at like 4-18 with 3k dmg. This typa stuff rarely happened in OW1 ranked


It sounds like you have had the influx of new players, and you have improved.

The problem is of course, you are now playing against people who are better than before especially if the matchmaker is working, so your win rate of 59% wasn’t going to keep going.

The game put you into harder and harder games until you hit 50%, but also, your MMR and SR will keep going up until you reach that point.

Welcome to higher ranks, sadly. In lower ranks people know they are not amazing, so they tend to be more “chill”

As you get close to plat, people start taking the game more seriously, and they tend to be more toxic.

Once you get into Diamond, the toxicity starts going down again (at least it was for me) - because actually remaining chill is a skill which helps people win games.

I REALLY wish they could fix this, but it is hard to make your community chill. It CAN be done though. (See FFXIV for an example of people doing exactly this - it is chill even for MMORPGs).

I wish I could give better advice there, but the problem isn’t you, and honestly, while the matchmaker isn’t great, it isn’t the matchmaker trying to put you in with bad people.


Oh god, no one wants to play with me… I wouldn’t wanna ask anyone to do that, it’d just be horrible for them. I just wanna be able to play with and against people at my level like it was literally all of last season. This whole “being the reason we lost” thing is about as unfun as it gets… I’ll just play QP until things get better. In those matches, if I suck, no one cares, and I still end up in plenty of matches with people at my level, too, where I tend to actually shine a lot of matches.

Why? You seem nice. If you are in the OCE, I’d be happy to duo.

By the way, that is the real answer to all of this, teaming up… since, in many ways it ties the matchmakers hands :wink:

It can’t team you with bad players if you pick your team right?


I truly appreciate your encouragement and kind words, and everything your wrote.


Yeah I’d say their are two reasons people struggle to rank up. Not teaming up with people. And not communicating in games. If you can team up with others you’ll have a massive advantage so long as you’re both semi focused.


I’d say it is almost a requirement for you to have consistent games at least!

Duoing at the very least is a huge advantage.

Back when I was garbage at the game, (I’m still garbage now, but I was garbage then too). Duoing was how we got out of low ranks into somewhere where we could learn the game.

Low ranks is inconsistent as hell, so learning while there is super hard. Getting out of low ranks is the best way to get the tools to get you out of low ranks (which hopefully people can see is a problem…)

Anyway Duoing for the win (literally).


i noticed that too. there’s always one support or one dps way better than the other one, or you get good dps/supps and a tank who couldn’t tie his shoelaces if his life depended on it…

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Yup. Every game I play feels like my team is four plats plus one high-bronze player lol. and I mean EVERY game


Honestly, after getting team-killed 3 times in a row, I’m not leaving the spawn. There is no reason to ever have more than 5 deaths in a match. Part of that is just stubborn stupidity for even leaving the spawn in the first place. The stomp matches are less than 10 minutes long anyways, just take damage when you need to and go retreat back to spawn so you don’t get booted.


Big ooof, where do people get off on being that bent out of shape over a videogame?


My toughts exactly. I have a very different experience than those guys.
I feel like I can influence the result of most games. Of course there are those ganes here and there, but usually I have a fair chance of winning if I play to my full potential.

You should see the posts the mods remove :slight_smile: People get REAL angry over video games.


I mean, tilt and being angry at the game itself… that’s one thing. Giving people in-depth descriptions on how to top themselves? Takes a special kind of sociopath to do that.


Yeah, it is weirdly regional. I’ve NEVER seem as much anger as I’ve seen from the states servers. I think there is a very real way you could measure stress withing a society by how people treat each other in games.

Even the OCE is kindness and light compared to them, and we have Australians.

Personally, I think it is just people having things break in other parts of their life, and them bringing that to the games they play.

But that is just the ramblings of an old man I guess :slight_smile:


Yeah, despite them saying they fixed it, my match quality has been worse this last week or so.