Match aftermath skip?

Can we finally get the option to skip things such as card voting and the medals? I honestly could not care less for such trivial and Useless information.

(note that I used the “options” wording here, allowing those of us who want to to opt out of this. If you get some sort of gratification or gleefull smile cause you got a few shiney gold medals then more power to you I suppose).

You can skip them… by leaving the match.


Are the extra thirty seconds really so bothersome to you? You know you can just exit after the POTG.

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Sometimes they are, I leave whenever I want. Once the winner is decided there’s no reason to stick around.

Actually you can exit just as the victory or defeat message occurs, before the POTG/POTM.

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There ya go, problem solved. Take notes OP

Absolutely true! I just suggest post-POTG because players sometimes experience issues/losses when they leave just a tad too soon at those screens. I leave in the middle of the play for safety :wink:

Why would I want to skip out of the SR screen?

I’ve found that every time I do this, I end up waiting just as long to be put into another game. Usually it ends up being with the same people, accomplishing nothing.

Some people don’t care for the SR screen, just like you don’t care for the medals screen.

I honestly do not appreciate your trolling here. Please be kind and exit the thread as you are not contributing to the discussion at all.

Even if someone leaves right as the victory/defeat message appears, the matchmaker won’t put them into the queue until the previous match goes through all those end-match screens and fully wraps up. So it’s either stare at the extra screens or stare longer at the main menu lol

(post is from Jeff Kaplan; idk how to properly quote/link things :D)

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You still always wait at least until the end of all the cards/medals/stats, as Light above me linked. This is what needs to change. If I leave a game, I should be able to be placed in a new match IMMEDIATELY. There is nothing gained for forcing people to sit not actually in the queue (even though the timer counts up as if you’re in queue).

Well personally for me I’d rather stare at the main menu than potentially see end-game toxicity in the text chat or alternatively listening to that in the voice chat. That’s just one reason why I might want to leave a match asap :wink:.

?? I’m not trolling? You asked for a solution and we gave you one.

I personally never stick around for the SR screen. I don’t like seeing it, it takes too long, whether I win or lose doesn’t matter. Just like you don’t like the medals screen and think it’s “useless”, others might not like the SR screen and think it’s “useless.”

Here you go:

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You are trolling. But if you would like for me to point it out for you. I specifically worded my post so that those that want to, can opt out of the screens they do not want to view.

You want to view gold medal screen? Fine, opt in to it.
But if I want to opt OUT of it. I should be able to. This is my point, to give players a choice. A point which YOU ignored because you are trolling.

Now please exit this thread and never comment in another one of the threads I start ever again. Thank you.