Massive overwatch 2 fps drops

hey, ever since i started playing overwatch2 (after its release) the game works… not quite well for me.

i don’t have the best gaming pc but it isn’t the worst as well. i could normally play overwatch1 on stable fps without any worries. but in overwatch2, my experienced has changed drastically.

my fps drops from 200+ to 20 or even below during the game. my game freezes a lot & prevents me from doing any sort of movement. it is not an internet thing nor it is a fault of my device. overwatch has worked perfectly until the overwatch2 release.

i don’t know how to fix it. i desperately tried to find a solution somewhere on the internet, but it was all for nothing. the game is unplayable. from the start to it’s end. i love overwatch but this is getting on my nerves & stops me from having any sort of fun.

i am really dizzy because of it & i hope it will be fixed soon…


The requirements went up between OW1 and OW2. Add a DxDiag, let’s check the hardware.

It’s because their auto render scale works like trash. What worked for me was video options. Render scale>custom and min=max (for me it’s min=143 and max=143 for 1080p),
and then desired fps is 60 and max is 72 (because for whatever reason ow syncs at 71 fps for a 60hz monitor), vsync=off, tripple buffering/reduce buffering=on
P.S. not even talking about gamepad settings affecting mouse settings.

what is a dxdiag? how does that work and how do i do it?

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