Massive KICK from Overwatch server

SO 12 players just started a comp match… there was an unexpected server error we all go kicked witin 30 seconds of the match starting… EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US LOST SR!!! how is that fair?


Hang on everyone, I am checking with Blizzard Tech Support right now. I do believe there is a mass issue in progress.

Please avoid Competitive Play for now. Penalties cannot be reversed. Details here:

Hang tight everyone!


Of course penalties can be reversed, technically that’s not hard at all. The problem is rather that Blizzard doesn’t WANT them to be reversed.

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Simply put they can’t. They are not going to waste time and resources to figure out who legitimately disconnected. Furthermore, they don’t want situations like this to be an incentive to play Competitive and have players be willing to circumvent leaver penalties in order to exploit gaining SR.

Or even more simply put - they don’t take any responsibility for their own screw-ups.

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This is why the penalty starts small at only 10 minute suspension. SR loss will never go more than 50 SR.

Blizz can certainly tell if the disconnect was their fault or mine, no? When it’s their fault they should refund SR. Unless it’s not so cut and dry. Thoughts? Thanks.

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It really isn’t. For starters, not EVERYONE in the world AT THIS MOMENT is disconnecting.

Blizzard Customer Service has no access to our Overwatch play records. This is a choice made by the development team to ensure the overall ranked ladder remains as competitive as possible. Yes it sucks to lose 50 SR due to something out of your control, but as I have said, it is often recovered as you play games (win or lose) and you get back to normal.

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Yes they do. They can go in and watch footage of my game from start to finish with audio and everything.