Mass Res Will Return | 10 Reasons Why

Agreed with most of it, however it was said that “We would rather not remove res, but if needed we will” or something in that direction.

So I believe they will just remove the ability before reverting Mercy.

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Thing is though… if you are placing balance above everything… you won’t ever add any new heroes because that is practically guaranteed to throw balance off.

Do I need to point out all the anti Brigitte posts that happened?

This is something not brought up much, but is very true. They have seemed more open to the removal of rez than they have keeping or reintroducing mass rez into the game.

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I believe so as well.

New heroes go through a process of balancing as their impact on the game is analyzed and assessed. Balance remains of the utmost importance as it appeals to the largest amount of people (the game as a whole).

Unless it’s a balance concern, fun is more important. I recall this quote from Titanium:

Since the rework wasn’t for balance purposes, this could be a reason as to why the rework was a flop.


Yes. If there are no problems when it comes to balance or how a particular skill/kit interacts with the game at large, fun is definitely what should be focused on. As much “fun” as possible without compromising the integrity and balance of the game.

Mass Rez does not fit this. Mass Rez had many problems, regardless of how much some people would like to believe otherwise.

None of these problems were related to balance though and most of these problems didn’t require a rework to fix.

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Which is a occupational hazard when maintaining a game with the intention of it having a long life span. In order to continue producing interest in the game you actually HAVE to change it up.

However, those changes need to be fair. Sadly, one cannot always figure out all the variables and interactions introducing something new will have. Which means all you can do is introduce the new content, observe, and adjust accordingly.

Which is what has been happening with Brig. The Dev’s have recognized a balancing issue and have been slowly adjusting Brig carefully so that fairness is met and balance is achieved.

What you need to understand is that I am not saying fun is not a factor in game design. What I am saying is it should not be the driving force for changes made to existing content.

Brig when introduced was not existing content. She was brand new with no set expectations. Just like your examples of Ana and Wrecking Ball. All the changes that have been made to Brig since her introduction have been motivated by balance over fun. That is exactly how it should be.

Scatter wasn’t done away with due to balance either.

Same reasoning there can be applied to Mass Rez. Furthermore, Mass Rez went through many more changes than Scatter did in an effort to make it work.

Sometimes abilities must be moved away from.

You missed the point.

If you hold balance above everything else… then logically you will not do anything to upset the balance.

New heroes are guaranteed to throw balance off… so then logically you would not add any new heroes.

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Actually, the changes mass Res went through were pretty bad… Anyone could see that. I’m 100% sure that the problems people talk about can be fixed with tweaks. Also, can you elaborate on what the problems are?


Why are you trying to black and white/turn to absolutes what is being discussed? It is clearly not an all or nothing situation. There are many factors at play.

Otherwise we’d have only baby Dva as a hero with a hitscan pistol. Ez.

Ofc it’s more than balance, balance just carries the most weight.


I’m not really interested in diving into it for the hundredth time. All this has been said so many times before, and I’m sure you’ve read my statements on exactly what you are asking before. I may be wrong.

I have no way of knowing how player suggested tweaks would play out in the current game environment. It’s all speculation. I’d rather work with what we have then dive into another chain of adjustments for months.


Quite honestly it was a balance issue. Being able to instantly delete a 400hp target off cooldown with little chance to react was a fairness problem. Balance was a motivation for it.

On top of that most hanzo players produced little value outside of scatter. Which meant to much power was dumped into one ability. Which made him unreliable as a whole but unfair when he did do anything.

They made changes to make him far more reliable and consistent while giving people the chance to react to his storm arrow cooldown.

As far as I know, the only one you’ve said is “Hide n Res” but that isn’t encouraged by the ultimate and the actual motive was removed a month before her rework.

Exactly why we should’ve stuck with mass Res.


But those kind of new, undocumented shake ups are necessary to keep the game fresh and also to detect the changes that need to bring them in line once the community is exposed to them because the balance team doesn’t have the full concept of how the community will utilize them once they are released.

It doesn’t though.

You know why?

Video games are a form of art. Its entire job is to evoke some sort of emotional reaction from humans.

Balance might be needed for that, but it is still secondary.

Sure? That horse is long gone. It’s been a year since its removal. We have what we have now.

Not really. Scatter itself wasn’t extremely imbalanced, however elements of its interaction with the game, and how it operated as part of Hanzos kit (the reliability etc etc) definitely factored in. Same with Mass Rez. What you said was 100% on point tho.

When it comes to PVP which this game is centered around it very much is. What you said applies to single player games well, PVP is a diff matter.