Mass Res Will Return | 10 Reasons Why

Okay her we go…

My point was or is that after her rework there was a time where she had no cast time and her rez was LoS based. Correct me if I am wrong.
That did not work out well. That’s all I said, just adding LoS to the old Mass Rez would have changed just a few problems the ult had.
You added cast time and other stuff after i said this to your post of:

Still just talking about only adding LoS.

I was still referring to old Mass Rez…

Wow that is what i want to add to make it a little bit better then it was…

And now i am shocked i agree with you.
But you still missed my the point of the post above i was only talknig about Mass Rez with just LoS added. You added stuff like cast time after I replayed just to LoS.
And idk what you want to achive with just changing the version of mercy mid discusion…

The only version of that that that I can think of was when she had 2 invincible resses in the first version of Valk, and her normal res was on a cooldown with a short cast time. That iteration had LoS, but that wasn’t the reason as to why the kit didn’t work. Mercy was nearly unkillable with her self-regen, speed boost in flight, and damage increase. I don’t believe that has anything to do with how good or bad res functioned, nor does it apply to Mercy back in 1.0.

The point is that the video you shown was mercy ressing through walls, and I am saying that it wouldn’t be a problem if it had LoS, in the very least. That was one of the issues she had back then, and it could have been easily fixable if they actually took the time to add it in instead of reworking her.

Even with just LoS, the video you posted wouldn’t exist… Mercy wouldn’t be able to res through walls. So the fact remains, it wouldn’t be a problem. :blush:

I have clarified in the post above. As stated, even with just LoS, Mercy wouldn’t be able to res through walls, and that issue in that video wouldn’t exist. :blush:

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The rework decreaed the rez range, made it have LOS but let her do it instantly and rapidly. Tempo-rezzes the way the rework did them were always going to be more powerful. She had Valkyrie for rapid movement and each rez was one at a time rather than a decision to do so all at once. There is less risk to a team wiping all over again, which is FAR more powerful than Mass Rez…

LOS and Cast time on a mass rez would change the way it works significantly because Mass Rez was considered F-Tier that got you killed if you didn’t do it in hiding but people did it out of hiding and still got away with it because people don’t focus Mercy, sooooo.

Besides rez currently needs you to initiate in LOS but you can literally move behind a wall and not see it as long as you are in the radius, sooo.


What you talk about is not skill. Unlike other ults, there was no countering Mercy’s ult. You cannot fight around it, work through it, or avoid it. The only way to stop it, was to kill her and with her small hitbox, high speed (in flight) and instant activation, it was near impossible to stop before she got the rez off. If your team had a fight (which if the game is fair, should have been a close one) chances are not many people are left standing. For Mercy to just slide in and deny all your progress with one button push was garbage.

You seem to just be salty that it’s gone and think that everything wrong with it was a matter of player skill. It takes no skill to push two buttons and “instantly” win a fight. It takes no skill to hide in a corner, fail to help your team, only to come back and revive them all in one button push. It takes no skill to die first, then walk back from spawn and revive your team. But it takes lots of skill to stop this from happening. It happened too often and was too difficult to stop. Now Mercy, while still a simple character, takes more care to play and other supports can actually be chosen

I have to give it to you. Your faith is impressive. As much as I’d love a reverted Mercy, at this point, I’ve given up on that idea and moved on to other heroes, so.


This is so false. How to fight around it? Take advantage of the situation. The ressed teammates, unless your team is already at a severe disadvantage, will have the advantage. Take advantage of that. How to work through it? I’ll just give one solution:

Use an ultimate.

Nope. Counterplay isn’t just cancelling things before it gets pulled of. It’s anything that negates the impact or value of something. With that in mind, anything that negates or devalues mass res efficiently is an counter.

You know what’s garbage? The fact that you didn’t kill the Mercy and proceeded to kill her team excluding. Also,

This is just something you pulled out of thin air. This is not a thing at all…

Because most of the scenarios of, “boo hoo, mass res is bad” give scenarios where they kill entire teams except the Mercy. Yeah no, that’s a skill issue.

If you think ressing guarantees an instant win, I can already tell you don’t know much about the topic at hand. In which case, I’ll redirect you to this thread:

Nice strawman. I’m not arguing this at all. Also, I know it doesn’t take skill to do such a thing. That being said, stuff like this punishes itself. Like I’ve said which you’ve seemingly ignored, hiding counters itself.

This is just as bad as hiding and is not a good strategy which is what you’re portraying it as.

Unless you consider stuff like expending one ultimate or staggering death as extremely skilful then no.

Again, this is a skill issue which you’ve denied in the first part of your reply…

What’s this supposed to mean? :joy:

Other supports were chosen before her rework as well. :man_facepalming: In fact, she was underpowered for a long time during her pre-reworked state. After a year of reworked Mercy, this is the first time we’re seeing “diversity” and even then, the support roster still has major issues with certain heroes still being left in the dust.


Even your first argument fails. Previous Mercy problem was not “hide and seek”-behaviour, it was “go die on the point together”. There is huge difference with that Mercy with current Mercy.

That falls under “Hide n Res”. :man_facepalming: Besides, it’s not an issue. They fixed it a month before a rework and I can guarantee that it would’ve died quicker if they fixed it earlier.


There is? I would love to hear your explanation in how “Hide and Seek behaviour” is “hugely different” from bad Mercies who told their team to “Die on point.” Do elaborate please. :blush:

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There is a communication difference . It still rings to my ears, an exited teenager shouting to mic"just go on point and die!", thinking that he/she will get play of the game and has awesome rest of the day. Wow, what an incredible experience for the rest of the team : I am being killed willingly and a teenager saves my day.

It’s been far too long, blizzard won’t go back on it after saying they plan on keeping the changes

Thanks for offering your opinion! I respectively disagree. Since Mercy’s voiceline and healing reverts, I think there is still a possibility. But hey! That’s just my opinion. We’ll just have to agree to disagree there! :blush:

I appreciate your detail and apologize for your seemingly traumatic experience, but you haven’t answered the question I’m afraid…

How is Hide and Seek behavior "hugely different” from telling your team to “Die on point?” :blush:

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Idk man. They brought back an ultimate concept from Alpha. At this point, anything is possible. :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree wholeheartedly.
And I feel the same way about Sym.
Both characters were in beautiful shape, and only needed some tweaks, not full-blown reworks.
Both characters are now less fun and in worse shape, and it’s really disappointing that so much meaningful community feedback has been ignored.


Here is my idea for a rework

Primary fire
-stays the same or does 55 hp

-reverse boost: mercy shoots out a hitscan that when it hits an enemy, the target does 30% less damage
-this would make her less ally dependent and provides somewhat of a counter to nano
-adds more traditional skill to mercy so that the “no aim mercy main” argument isn’t valid


  • resurrect: mercy can rez dead allies with a cool down dependent on the amount she rezzes. If she solo rezzes, it has no cast time, but for 2 people it’s 1.5. Then for every additional ally rezzed, it adds another 1.5 seconds. It also requires a line of sight. She is still slowed and can move around the radius but can’t use her pistol or staff. She can fly tho. The target must also had to have been able to been healed at the time of death (Ana nade counter)

-solo rezzes aren’t very effective but safe and easy

  • mass rez is difficult and isn’t “hide and presss a button”
  • very counterable

I told my team this, whilst healing them. Not because I wanted them to die, because it was my way of saying;
“Resurrect is a resource I have available to use for us, this fight is looking like it could be the one I could use it in because I don’t think I have the heals necessary to get through this. I want to make sure no one misses out, so try not to be risky and go too far out so I can’t help us recover from this.”

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I was interested to see how some type of damage reduction would work for her kit. Personally I would prefer an ability that she can use on her team for a 30% damage reduction (kind of like Pacify), rather than something she would use against the enemy. That’s just me though :blush:

Interesting idea,

I may have not read it properly, but is this only 2 rez charges or is there no hard limit to the number of people she can rez during the ult?

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Oh no she can rez 5 teammates, like old Rez, but the castime just changes based on how many dead allies are in her area

I can agree with that. :blush:

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