Make smurf bannable,

You ban siblings and other innocent friends with ip bans too.

That’s why I said in extreme cases. Several accounts coming from the same IP causing issues? Then go ahead and do it. They should control their sibling if it’s getting that bad. Maybe even send warnings to the other accounts on that IP to make them aware.

Even then IP bans are just as realistic as limiting one account per person.

IP bans also ban other people outside of a household if the ip is not static. If it’s a dynamic ip, then at some point someone else might have that ip.

My point still stands that there are definite legal issues if they were to limit one account per person using anything like SSN or government ID.

And how do you see them doing this unless someone comes out and says there playing on a smurf how would you know its not like you have every smurf account on your main account

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It already is reportable as cheating, specifically “unfair advantage”.

Back in January jeff admitted smurfing is a problem and said they’re working on a solution but noted it’s not an easy fix as they have to consider how account creation works on consoles.

They actually do, as it falls under their definition of cheating, specifically “unfair advantage”.

Also, as noted above, Jeff has admitted smurfing is a problem and noted they’re working on a solution.

It doesn’t matter what you call them as the impact on the game is the same.

It’s still a player bringing higher rank experience and game sense into lower rank games thus giving them an unfair advantage over players actually at those lower ranks, and, according to Blizzard, anything that gives an unfair advantage is cheating.

That’s because the reporting system is automated and a player won’t be suspended until a certain number of reports is received.

The real problem with smurfs is that they’re not being reported enough by other players thus they’re getting away with cheating.

the biggest problem of OW are “victims” aka hardstucks. Hardstucking should be bannable, those players not growing up, just trashing matchmaking w/o any clue how to improve.

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Blizzard’s own word

Using third-party programs to automate any facet of the game, exploiting bugs, or engaging in any activity that grants an unfair advantage is considered cheating.

How ever that rule goes out the window because making money takes precedence over everything.

Smurfing to gain a real skill advantage over lesser skilled players should be considered cheating but it is not because Blizz makes money off smurf accounts. The hypocrisy is evident but what is unclear is why is everyone surprised. They have stated numerous times smurfing is NOT against terms of service

Yeah no that’s just fancy words for hacking that they phrased multiple ways to cover any way they could think possible to hack or exploit a bug.

Even then so is my opponent cheating when they have two shield tanks and my team does not? That’s engaging in an activity that gives an unfair advantage.

Even then the only way you can target smurfs is when they’re sold accounts or throwing to stay low, which every smurf in existence must do to actually stay below their rank. There is nothing wrong with having a second or more account so long as you try. If the game puts you in a different rank, that’s on it.

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ic so the unfair advantage is really only when someone uses some sort of program/hack/script etc…
they should rephrase that then because their definition is too broad

I think they do it so that way they can cover their bases in case an unforeseen bug/exploit or hack program is created. It’s not easy to combat hackers since realistically the best you can do is move as a reaction. Kinda hard to combat a cheating program before it exists.

smurfs give blizzard money for each new account. so blizzard won’t make it bannable. I agree it should be. But in this instance blizzard is smurf’s prostitute, allowing them to do whatever they want to her for $40.

you’re ignoring the problem. The problem is not a low gold level player playing in silver, the issue is masters/gm players wrecking people in gold/plat. That’s very easy to detect

You do realize most masters/gm players who want to smurf won’t do it below diamond right? Anything below that is too much of a chaotic mess for them to enjoy themselves. If anything the smurfs in bronze/silver are at the highest plat.

and oyu don’t think there’s a huge disparity between a plat/diamond (myslef) and a gm/pro? also, you just on all these threads defending blizzard tooth and nail lmao, u sure u didn’t ask them for a job?

Keep it up dude. Lose credibility every time you say this kind of nonsense. Almost like it’s possible to like something or not buy into a conspiracy theory because it’s what you believe. I’m not saying play/diamond and masters/gm is the same. However I am saying that gms/masters and even diamonds smurfing in bronze/silver does not happen nearly as much as the low ranked players love to claim.

Also why would I ever want to work for Blizz? They treat their teams terribly.

keep tooting your credibility line, it hits me harder every time. you’re actually a joke dude, trying to say there’s not a problem when there’s hundreds of posts on here with people complaining about it. There’s your numbers right there, do a quick search. You probably answered each one with your blizzard propaganda


Where did I say it is not a problem? Show me.

I said it’s a problem that can’t be realistically solved without creating false positives that further decrease the playerbase.