Make Moira healing through barriers a feature

Her healing shouldn’t go through barriers if its the norm that other heals don’t. Mercy’s heals shouldn’t either. The only heals that should imo are sound and presence based heals like Lucio + Brig.

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Yeah, but She doesn’t have a Ress on a 30s cooldown and a damage boost or a lock-on on her beam. Either a Guardian Angel each 1,5 seconds. And Mercy doesn’t have a Resource to fill.
Moira healing is Higher than Mercy, but less accessible.
It’s better are on close range instead of 15m away, or you Will be waste your resource easily

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I think, this will make Healers inconsistent like Ana…
And Mercy Will take advantage of It anyway thanks to his mobility

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It was known for a while they gonna eventually fix this bug. Problem is lack of costistency. Either every healer can heal trough barriers or none. If we have “exceptions” those “exceptions” become automaticly better than the rest.

Just to play devil’s advocate here, but there is consistency.

Barriers stop (most) projectiles and sprays.

However, I personally feel that Moira’s spray should go through barriers. But if that is being removed, at least give the spray something else to compensate.

Maybe the the spray could be utilized more often since it’s less effective? This could be done in a few ways:

  1. damage orbs can recharge the biotic reserve.

  2. The biotic reserve diminishes less quickly when used.

  3. The biotic reserve recharges faster when idle / with right mouse drain.

From all healers only Mercy can heal trough Barriers. If Lucio is in Winston bubble his aura dont heal anyone outside, zen had ability to give his orbs behind barriers for day. Ana for obvious reasons can’t shoot trough them. Moira could spray trough them until now. Only one who just ignore them is Mercy.

Personally considering that this game is rather barrier heavy I think she should have heal trough them, but so rest of healers.


I hope they will let Moira keep this “bug”. Right now Moira is quite nicely balanced character overall, and this would hit her quite hard especially in current shield-meta. This would lead to people complain that she is too weak… which will lead to Blizzard over-buffing her. Then people will start to complain how she is too OP, and when that has been going for some time, she will be nerfed like Ana.

So yes. I think Moira should keep this bug.


At the very least they could make it function properly. If one part of Moira’s M1 hits a barrier, the entire cone is blocked from healing your teammates.

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In the past, D.Va mains have done the biggest of ‘backlash’ moments for their hero and yet they went ignored. Don’t count on it at all.

Give her the bug back. It was balanced and if you kill that aspect of her we come again to mercy and that people whant her to be nerfed again because Moira and Ana are the other main healer and are both not good at healing… give it her back. It was not OP my any means and she had it since release.

It was announced as a bug some time ago, when she was first released. However they just left it in place and never fixed it. This came back to bite them in the rear as it has been used against them for some time.

Especially when They were doing the Ana rework and she was the only hero who could not heal through a barrier. Again it was stated as a bug at her release, however I figured they were never going to fix it. So this comes as a surprise.

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Please, Can we make It a feature? It makes no sense to Nerf Moira right now, this Change Will only make Mercy more strong and a must pick

It was listed as a bug from release. I have literally, since Moira’s release, been checking the patch notes to see if they’ve fixed it, and been frustrated every time for months that they hadn’t. I’m so happy they’ve finally fixed it.

They didn’t just sneak this in; they’ve cited it, and the intention to fix it, literally since her release.