Make Moira healing through barriers a feature

Continuing the discussion from Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – June 5, 2018:

Like how you did with Mercy Guardian Angel momentum, plesse She Needs it.
With this Nerf/Fix Mercy Will be even more dominant because She is the only Primary Healer that Can healing through barriers, and She don’t even have a resource bar. Moira Will suffer too much with this Nerf/Fix, She already suffer from barriers, if this go on live She Will suffer even more, She is already balanced, don’t ruin her please…
Make healing through barrier a feature For Moira


I like how it’s now considered a ‘bug’. What, since release? lol


Yeah i think It too, besides that Moira’s Healing through barrier isn’t a broken thing, Moira in this moment on live servers is perfectly balanced


hopefully they’ll see the backlash against it and let her keep it like mercy’s bug, but then again there are 50 threads per day about sombra and she didn’t get a single bug fix so :woman_shrugging: who even knows


I been using Moira since season 7 and finally became a Master Moira in Season 10.

This will hurt Moira so bad if they don’t buff her.

  1. Her ult needs buffs to heal more and save people from ults (160 heals and 80 dps would work).
  2. Her healing spray needs to reach 21 meters like her dps beam.
  3. Resource overtime recharge needs to refill in 30 seconds not 45 seconds.
  4. Doing damage should refill resources completely in 8 seconds and not 9 seconds.

Moira also needs a bug fixed so she can Fade in any direction if in the air. Some people don’t know this, but if Doomfist uppercuts you and you Fade. You are stunned in midair even if you used the Fade. Why? Moira should be able to Fade away and yet Doomfist got a buff.

In fact, Doomfist can now kill a Moira if he rocket punches her into a wall even though she Fade before she hit the impact. Read the bug fixes for Doomfist. Then go on PTR and test it out. I bet Moira will now get killed. On live, she is stunned inside the Fade and can’t move but is still alive. It never mattered anyway, Moira was weaken from the punch and Doomfist usually finished the job with a follow up unless a teammate came and killed him. Saving the Moira.


I know that now, on the PTR, Moira can’t stall anymore with fade, so if you are now the last teammates on the objective and you use fade the system count you like you are not on the objective, allowing Moira to not contest with fade…
I Hope this is a bug


i always thought this was weird but never really questioned it… you’re just stuck in one place so even if you fade you just go straight down. so most of the time the doomfist makes quick work of you. it never occurred to me it was a bug.

and i think her being able to heal 20 meters away would be a little much considering she’s a close range healer but the rest of your ideas sound good imo. especially the coalescence one because while it’s good at taking care of squishies in the enemy backline it’s not so good at saving teammates. it’s 50/50, sometimes you’ll save your reinhardt from being killed and sometimes it’ll feel like coalescence didn’t even do anything and you might as well have been stunned out of it.

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Yes, Moira is supposed to be able to Fade in any direction even if she is Midair. Yet, she cannot. Doomfist always gave Moira problems and now he is even more of a beast towards her.

see i thought it was just because uppercut “stuns” you in a way and that’s how it was supposed to work when you got hit by it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: now i’ll just be annoyed. so they can fix the barrier “bug” but not this?

Nah, this is just doomfist being buggy like he always has been. Tracer can Blink in any direction she likes while in the air too, but uppercut stops her from doing it. Reaper is also stuck in wraith form for a few frames and uppercut won’t stop the charge but it will stop Rein dead for a bit.
It seem doomfist just straight up kills momentum and prevents any change in it for a bit after he hit.

Well, they need to fix Doomfist’s issue as he can kill people with his bugs.

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Yeah this needs to happen, it’s not like she’s dominating right now, no reason to cement her second place status to Mercy even more so.

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It’s not like her ult gives damage resuction to all people who you are hitting and they can survive Pharah’s barrage.

Also this is beyond ridiculous.

No that’s too crazy. Considering that her healing is beyond insane, I don’t think we need that. I agree with everything else though.

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I have a theory that the game’s engine doesn’t play nice with fast moving objects and Players, a bit like TF2’s Trollger and Prenerf Hype Scout desycning their hitboxes from their models.

Doomfist still straight up phases through people, Rein can can still put people in walls.
Mei and Hanzo’s fast projectiles have jank where they can’t hit players that have since moved from their flight path, even on the shooter’s end, This was painfully obvious when the server were still 30 tick.

I agree the 21 meters part is ridiculous, but her ult neither gives damage reduction (just healing) nor allows heroes to survive Pharah’s barrage, unless it’s particularly far.

Anyway, Moira already doesn’t bring much to the table outside of healing, and she isn’t overperforming in any sense of the word, so I don’t really see the justification in applying this “bug fix”. Disabling the ability of a short-range, front-line healer to heal through barriers is a GIANT nerf to a hero who is far from dominating already, and in a class which is already quite limited. I’d rather see Moira (and possibly even Ana?) be able to heal through barriers, to bring them all to the same standard. The other main healers are playing catch-up to Mercy, not the other way around.

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It’s fine that it doesn’t go through barriers as intended. It does way too much healing for that to be okay.

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No It’s not fine, Moira has already Short range on her Healing beam, make It not go through barriers Will make It only worse. And She has High healing because She has no utility outside of it.
And, we don’t Need to make Mercy even more dominant or a must pick again because She is the only Primary Healer that Can heal through barriers

She has the same range as Mercy on it but gets to heal everything in a cone for 80 on top of having biotic orb and an insanely fast charging ult.