Make doomfist dps again

Doomfist as a tank is horrible. Ana + zenny and you have a useless hero in the game.
Doomfist is not made to be a tank, the kit is designed to be a very mobile dps.

It’s just a mistake, every time i play doomfist tank i remember how sad is


What would he even do as a DPS in OW2 that he isn’t already doing as a tank? He flies across the map stunning the hell out of people, feeding the enemy team or making them cry, or becomes sabotaged by random bugs that can’t be predicted. Not that different from OW1 but now requires a tank mindset.

Also, probably more importantly - If Hanzo and Widow’s one shots are no longer safe from the nerf hammer then there is 0 chance instakill punches/combos will ever return. DPS Doom in OW2 would need a new direction in the first place barely resembling what people used to like. With the state of the game Doom is probably stronger than he was in OW1 anyway with the added bonus of being less frustrating to play against, so let’s just try to keep that in one piece while we can.


It’s over mate.

Give up.

He is stronger than at any point in OW1.


I miss dps fist, and wish they’d gone slightly different in direction with some aspects of his kit as a tank-

But, this. Tank fist is notably stronger and more impactful to the outcome of a match than dps fist ever was.


Yes DPS Doom was so fun but I’ll admit, not healthy.

I remember my sister watching me play for the first time and seeing me delete a Zen over and over again flying in from Narnia.

She literally said “how is that fair?”.

She obviously didn’t see all the times I got hacked, slept, flashed, booped, rocked, then pinned. That was also not fair.

Those saying “he doesn’t work as a tank” are really saying “I can’t make him work as a tank”.

He works for me just fine.

With the new cc changes they are making, they need to buff his survivability though.


They’re not going to change him back to DPS as long as 5v5 is the format.

Hilariously, Doomfist ended up being a very solid top 500 pick for tank. It took a bit for people to figure out how to play him and a few buffs. Though since that point I honestly feel more handicapped with hammond on my team than a Doomfist since hammond just feels far easier to screw up than a Doomfist.

Doomfist to me was kind of a lower skillfloor hero in OW1. Every single ability he had set-up for easy shotgun damage. You could kill off punch. You could cleave 25/50% of a person’s hp on slam that set-up into burst and an uppercut removing 25% hp and leading into his primary fire. Even if you died getting a kill trading DPS for Support was often a winning strategy for your team to win on the player advantage and sustain game.

The skill floor on doomfist went WAY up on tank now that all his CC set-up is removed. His only easy kill combo is wall punch into primary fire. Though now he’s easily more meta defining in his tank role with all the adjustments he got compared to his DPS role.

its boring to play now, standing there and shielding as doomfist is so anti-fun that I nearly pass out from boredom playing it now.

This is the thing! As OP as DPS Doom was when it came to pub-stomping he was never as viable in higher ranks as Tankfist is.


As someone who vividly remembers the eras of dps doom (especially Doom / Sombra), its gonna hafta be a no from me. Let’s just leave dps doom in the graveyard.

As annoying as he may be in OW2, he’s 1000% less annoying than he was in OW1. Seeing one on the enemy team no longer makes me want to eat my keyboard.

im so proud of everyone in this comment section

A good doomfist tank can control the flow of battle, even with an ana/zen on the enemy team.

fully agree, his play style was so unique, not a spam hero like 90% of the roster, you could do so much combinations with his abilities, he was so much fun to play despite how horrible the balance was

dps doomfist was the reason i kept coming back to ow1 even after uninstalling it and saying “nope, last game” but that hunger for another doom match pushed me to install ow again. without that there is no reason to play again lol

could have just said this and be done honestly

He’s worthless as a tank IMO because his entire kit is tied up trying to land one charged punch. Zarya, if not charged, can do other things and engage with the team. Doomfist just sits there with down time and as your ONLY tank, that’s not going to cut it. I just don’t understand how or where he’s supposed to be usable. Ana is in nearly 100% of the games and will sleep dart and anti nade you every single time.

They need to do something with his kit to give him something to do instead of just standing around while Power Block is on cool down. You can’t tie 100% of his value up in ONE single ability as the ONLY tank in the game. While you stand there waiting for the stars to align the enemy tank is juggling various abilities and wiping your team out.

lol so no counter to doomfist? dps doesnt want counters shocker

all he needs is bug fixes and a bit of buffs, thats it.

And yet OW1 Ana sleep dart would literally destroy a 200 health doom fist.

Fixing his bugs alone would be a good buff. Don’t want another OW1 situation where they buff him first and then nerf him to the ground after making his abilities work properly turned out to be too much.

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wasn’t his health 250?

if you think it’s 200, that really shows how badly he blew up by damage back then LMAO