Make Doomfist a Tank

Overwatch 2 has one tank per team. Imagining it on current OW1 though would be pretty chaotic.

I agree, I can see this working pretty well when we can only field one tank at a time, definitely a change I would support.

I’m not sure I’m very keen to see it in 6v6 though.

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I think seeing his body enlarged for the tank role is much more natural than seeing mei’s body size increased lol.

I’d imagine they can make something work if his gauntlet could absorb bullets and shoot them back like Ion from Titanfall

I figure, just nerf his HP until he’s balanced with a lot less CC in the game.

If anything, I think Hammond probably needs to be moved to DPS.
Since balancing him as a Tank without CC to shut him down, would be a nightmare.

Just about every skill of his is CC. There is no way they keep like a 4 second cc punch on dps roster with high mobility while taking away mccree flashbang.

Oh well. They aren’t removing all the CC outside of Tanks.
Ana and Lucio aren’t getting changed.

Which basically implies that “excessively annoying CC” is getting removed.

So if anything, Doom will probably keep his CC, but they will find a way to make it feel more “deserved”.

They are support heroes. Crowd control is a form of support. It also helps them stay alive. They already said they are looking at doom reworks because of a lack of flashbang.

So, make him a tank.


Like I said, that’s probably not going to happen.

  1. Balancing him for the top 2% of players, with hardly any CC in the game, AND a CC resistance passive, would be a nightmare.
  2. He’d basically be automatically throwing if he ever gets picked in Diamond and below.

It’s knockback reduction. That’s about as shallow of “CC resistance” as you can get.

Wow. You guys must be very new to the game.
Doomfist was in the tank role.
He was terrible. :persevere:
He was then moved to the DPS role. :muscle:
The rest is history… (Chipsa and other Doomfist mains rocked)

Knockback reduction, no Mei Freeze, no McCree Stun, no offtanks.

And I’m guessing Brig probably loses most of her CC.

He would be the only tank on the enemy side. “No offtanks” is kind of irrelevent. Just counter pick as hog. I’m not saying he wouldn’t be strong and there is a lot to look at in OW2, but you seem to just have a pessimistic view of it all.
Emp doomfist and he is a dead tank. Hit him with sleep.

Heh, I think the rest of it’s fine. Hammond is just the one problem stick out that can’t be fixed.

Geoff Goodman admits it’s going to take some work to solve:

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OW1 stats and past attempts don’t really apply to OW2 in 5v5. You have to try things again and see if they stick.
6v6 without improved quality of life OW2 attempts to bring, is a whole different monster.
You can six stack cc in the current game. Of course doomfist as a tank didn’t make much sense. You have one less real tank and he has to be in the fight almost all the time.

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He’d need maaaaaaaaaassive damage nerfs though. But i’m all in for that.


That is is exactly why he didn’t do well in the tank role. He didn’t even have the lowest quality of being a protector. He always ran off to fight leaving the team behind.
It was a nightmare having him as a tank.
Couldn’t depend on him to do anything except feed ult charge to the enemy team.

I sure you would. Because we all know Doomfist is useless as a tank.
He was a feeding, hot garbage, tank.
He has found a home in the DPS role forever.

The idea behind a rework is to change a hero’s gameplay and purpose. If Doom gets a tank rework, i’d want him to be good like the others.

The reason why Doomfist was moved in the first place is everyone, and I mean everyone, including professionals, played Doomfist like a DPS hero when he was in the tank role.

So they shrugged :man_shrugging: and maybe said,
“Maybe Doomfist always was meant to be a DPS hero.”