Make a player visible to all?

Similar to Widow/sombra’s infra red… I know I can create an icon and that would work, but i’d really like a “visible” option instead.

Is there one?

None really, it’s either you make an invisible widow dummy bot and make it automatically trigger infra sight, or if you’re in FFA make the time shorter so that revealing the enemies will occur much early

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Unfortunately no, but you could opt to give them an icon above them that everyone can see through walls as a workaround.

Other than the icon, the niche examples given by baxford are your only option.

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How do u put an icon

You are free to open a new thread under the workshop section to ask for anything specific etc. instead of necro posting, weird this issue here did not resolve some time ago, we can now use Start Player Outlining to create widowmaker’s infra-sight effect.

I hope you guys are aware and informed of the alternative ways to work with the workshop, if not have a look here Workshop Disabled? Check out these alternatives! - Workshop Discussion - Overwatch Forums (
Currently the in-game editor is not available.

To create icons you use the Create In-World Text or Create Icon action, set the information to show of value type Icon String, and set in further parameters like its in-world position, make sure the reevaluation parameters are set for Visible To, Text and Position at least, any additional flag like colors are optional to be reevaluated.

I don’t like to necro post, but it seemed important to be done here.

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