Make a new permananent gamemode


Make a game mode where you have to fight and stop the omni crisis using all heroes in different settings where you can get loot boxes and other rewards from it. When you log on Overwatch it would have two options omni crisis fight or the Overwatch we have now I feel this would get many more people to play and keep people around longer. I would enjoy this I feel you guys should add this. If anyone feels the same please comment that you agree because I want the developers to look at this.


A permanent PvE mode that would help increase the longevity of the game? Nah, that’s too obvious. Blizzard can’t put that in. :roll_eyes:


I’m still waiting for the obvious inclusions of reverse payload and tug(push) of war.


I wouldn’t mind a pve mode. Honestly I would only play it for the lootboxes once every 5 days or whatever.
Playing to much pve makes you get some bad habits that don’t work in a real game.


But it is a good idea, a single player campaign, though not very long could bring more people in and serve as a tutorial for the actual game. it would be a much better tutorial than what we have now, plus you could team up with friends and learn how to sinergize with a team


I’m down with that.

Also, I would like a Mystery Abilities mode, cause I want to Rocket Punch someone with baby D.Va.