[Main Thread] Account information missing

It means you likely did not merge your account. Did you read the announcement?

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I just spent like 20 mins crying I’ve been playing since symetra threw shields ! And now I get a new account with nothing in it a complete Joke ! :smiling_face_with_tear:


Had my account merged and phone number added before the ow2 update, account is like a new one in the two times I’ve signed in.

Can they get it back if someone did not see any anouncement ?

I’m the same. I’m so incredibly mad and honestly a little panicked. It kicked my anxiety into hard drive. I’m super scared that I really did just lose everything. Nearly 700 hours on Mercy alone, have all her skins (including paid), her golden gun. I really, mostly, just want her stuff… I paid 60 for the original game and another like… 30 for Mercy’s stuff. That’s money down the drain if this isn’t fixed, and so many hours of my life just gone.

Why isn’t anyone reading the announcement addressing the missing cosmetics etc?

It’s right here:

in #announcements

I did. My account has long been merged, i played the ow2 beta with all skins and same stats and even played ow1 often in recent months because i was collecting for ow2s release.

I might sound really dumb in asking this but if I only play on one platform do I still need to do the account merge? my blizz account has been connected to my xbox one for ages, so I’m not sure if I still have to go through that process

The Overwatch 2 beta has nothing to do with the live game and whether your items are linked.

my sister lost everything. all her gold guns and every skin she had. not sure how to actually contact blizzard for this, but i need help to get her things back.

Known issue. Nothing to do but wait. Please read #announcements

Glad to see Blizzard has finally responded. Just fingers crossed now all my items and stuff come back.

I know my account is merged because it is required of the player to do so since 2021 when cross-play was added and ive have explained that I have been playing before and after 2021 and have engaged in crossplay with friends on different platforms. Besides I was asking something entirely different in my comment you first replied to but thanks anyways.

Yeah I’m still really confused if I have to do the merge or not

My merge option is still not doing nothing when I click it am on switch.


5-6 Years of the same thing I had every skin every voiceline… I did the account merge as told then just to get to a game with nothing makes sense you try to be like league of legends and fail

I made sure the account merge was done because I knew something like this was going to happen and I bet nothing happens afterwards… you’d have fixed it by now I bought skins with this game now their gone thanks :+1:

They’ve still not fixed it yet and all this time am afraid to play incase we lose that so we are not making progress on our battle pass.

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5-6 years I made sure the account merge was done I saw it be done… I had so many things on overwatch 1 including bought skins now their gone you should’ve kept overwatch 2 as a beta for the time being if their was going to be this many issues with it compared to taking away overwatch 1 as you can see the game isn’t fully up to speed it doesn’t even acknowledge I own overwatch 1 or I would have all the heroes unlocked even though I have the disk at this point I’d want a refund I liked the previous game with all the cosmetics etc I wouldn’t have put so many hours into the game if I hadn’t but now I’m disappointed and left with nothing… thanks

I had 5-6 years worth of stuff

The feedback is reassuring and it’s a lot less stressful knowing it hasn’t just poofed into the void. Thank you for getting back to us about this topic; much appreciated!

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I don’t understand how that is your takeaway after reading the announcement. Did you read it?

For the 5th time, they are aware that is happening and working on it. Just everyone is mindlessly replying here without reading anything.