Mad frame drops

So, I’ve only noticed this issue from last night iirc.
I haven’t played OW much, recently reinstalling it and playing it from time to time (due to not enjoying it as much as I used to). I want to enjoy it and just chill playing mystery heroes/quick play but it’s a bit hard to enjoy a game where you go from a solid 150+ FPS to 12-30 frames for 3-5 seconds about 5 times a game.
I have followed the recommended forum post where AMD Ryzen CPUs crash and require the latest BIOS, however, that only reduced it from 5 times to 3 times a game.
Specs are:
AMD Ryzen 5 2600 (No OC)
AMD RX 580 8GB (No OC) (temps hover around 70-80 which is normal for OW)
16GB 3000mhz (clocked at 3000mhz)

I do not have this problem with any other games (Osu! and Fortnite mainly). I have killed Windows Audio Graph Device (as suggested by another user in another post), however, that made little to no difference.
I don’t understand what’s wrong, all drivers updated to the recommended ones.

Just to checklist:

  1. Did you have an Windows 10 update recently?
  2. Did you install the newest AMD driver?
  3. Have you uninstalled other games before you started having those issues?

I’ve read a lot of similar issues here, all talking about massive drops in FPS suddenly. I got the gut feeling that ya’ll have the same issue.

Try using CMD as admin and enter " sfc /scannow " i bet my orange water ice it’s fixed after that.

Are you using any Razer Synapse devices?

  1. Nope, as far as I’m aware
  2. I’ve installed the recommended one as I thought it was originally that (4 drivers behind oops)
  3. Nope, haven’t uninstalled any games prior.
    I’ll give the CMD solution a go and see if it makes any difference. I’ve followed Nicole’s possible solution, so we’ll see how that goes too! Thanks <3