LW is high skillcap, not crap (Tips from 100hour player)

If oyu think Lifeweavers heal EVEN with his ult is on par with a Moira healing 5 people at the same time with TWO DIFFERENT abilities AT THE SAME TIME, then can literally ult 5 people ALSO at the same time lol, you are literally crazy.

you are talking about a LW that no longer exists

Moira’s an AoE healer and Weaver isn’t so naturally her numbers will be higher. Weaver’s like Mercy in that he’s mostly just a single-target healer until he ults.

If you go on Overbuff right now and look at his average healing numbers you’ll see that they fall in line with just about every other support. Moira & Bap are outliers because of their high aoe heals.

So yeah, Weaver’s healing isn’t the problem. The problem is that healing doesn’t win games.

Lucio and brig are both also aoe healers. But we will agree to disagree lol.

The numbers for healing might be the same but it’s the type of healing that is different many of the existing healing is instant when you need healing it’s there where LW healing is you needed healing let me charge a shot and send it in 0.5s later you may get it or already be dead so when playing with a LW one often needs to disengage to receive healing.

But that’s just how I found him probably completely different now

Continuing the discussion from Overwatch 2 Retail Patch Notes - June 13, 2023:

LW is only stronger. This doesn’t change anything about what I said about him lol

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They also have much lower hps on their aoe than Moira or Bap.

Moira: 70hps down to 51hps over 3 seconds.
Baptiste: 70hps / direct hit, 50hps for splash.

Lucio: 52hps
Brigitte: 15hps on inspire.

Soooo…yeah, the numbers aren’t really comprable :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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i easily pulled the biggest numbers on the board tonight with LW. His healing is good. On top of that i managed to get about 2k damage on the board for a quick play which is actually an improvement from before the patch. It’s his utility that is the problem, though i do like that grip heals on contact. i saved a few people with it and we won the matches (in QP). so the utility is improved and honestly I’m starting to enjoy using petal platform to get away if we’re losing a team fight. So not all bad at all. It’s just subjective on whether you think he’s fun to play or not. I think he is and the devs are on the right track with him.

I don’t know if you just took the line that his healing is bad from a streamer and went with it or what, but it’s been shown very well on youtube and twitch that he can be very effective at healing. More so no with buffs.

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My whole post is about how good LW is lol what are you talking about?

Personally, I have 43 hours of experience with the Lifeweaver. I consider myself to be skilled at positioning and understanding the abilities of both my teammates and opponents, thanks to my extensive 926 hours of playing as Mercy. Based on my experience, I believe that the Lifeweaver could benefit from a buff to its healing charge rate.

The recent change from 65 to 75 was a step in the right direction, but in practice, it’s rare to have a full charge when healing. The most effective healing occurs when the charge is between 30 and 60. After playing several hours with the Lifeweaver following the buff, I found that I rarely used the full 75 charge. If the developers are unwilling to increase the charge rate, they could consider adjusting the scaling numbers instead.

In terms of damage output, I seldom find myself dealing damage with the Lifeweaver, as I always have something more important to attend to. This differs from my experience as Mercy, where using the pistol for damage wasn’t as valuable as damage boosting a teammate. Therefore, my only issue with the Lifeweaver lies in its heal charge. Perhaps a minor rework to its ultimate ability could allow for repositioning it once, providing more strategic options for its use.


which is it?
good or bad

He can be the weakest healer and still a strong pick lol. It’s called utility. If you didn’t read, don’t comment.

but he isnt the weakest healer

Again another person who isn’t commenting AT ALL on what the post is about. I never said he was in my post. You people just don’t read.

What rank are you? I only ask because you listed a lot of tips and stuff and have some controversial opinions alongside so it would be hugely strengthening to your argument if you provided the details.

bro why are you lying so much

“Controversial opinions” States none. Lol.

All Supports have area effect healing.

In fact, the only Supports that don’t have single-target healing are Lucio and Baptiste.

This is false. Lucio’s lines up with Brigitte’s in area effect healing. Only Amp boosts it, and it is the equivalent of Repairpacks on all targets.

It isn’t really.

Whether you charge it to full or tap it, the healing is the same rate, and its higher than Mercy’s primary healing; though it won’t last as long.

His healing isn’t low. Every time I have one on my team they have tons of heals. The problem is he doesn’t contribute to damage at all so if your team is lacking in damage output then his healbotting doesn’t really help.