Lunar New Year event trash rewards

Wow… so glad we got OW2 with it’s amazing events where you get some amazing cosmetics… oh wait, that was OW1.

How do you keep releasing these events that in OW1, the players looked forward to every time they came out and now, they are so lack luster? You give away no new skins! Nobody cares about Sprays or Name Cards or Charms.

Then, you release into the Shop - 3 new skins which 1.) Aren’t even linked to Lunar New Year (Pirates?) 2.) ARE JUST RE-COLORS OF EXISTING SKINS THAT YOU WANT TO CHARGE $19.00 FOR?.. Seriously???

And I thought with Bobby Kottick out of the picture and Microsoft stepping in, we would see this crap slowly stopping. NOPE!!!

Get your S@^T together Blizzard Executives!!!


It will take a while to root out all the remaining evil Bobby minions.


Players used to complain that the event requirements were too hard and generated too much FOMO, then they complained that none of the challenges were related to the event, and now they’re complaining that there’s no skin, so there’s no FOMO. I’m a little confused about what people generally want.


Understandable. I guess my issue is I miss the old Loot box system where you earned a loot box on your next level up and your hope was to unlock one the legendary skins that the event released. Now they want to just those skins in the shop.

Funny thing is, Apex Legends has a Battle Pass, has Level ups where you can earn a loot crate, and has the shop to buy skins or cosmetics and everyone is happy.

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It’s hard to even tell what the sprays are supposed to be from the tiny thumbnails, but they don’t look too interesting zoomed-out for sure. Same with voice lines; why can’t these things be previewed more directly from the event challenges page instead of having to go out to the Hero menu and find the appropriate cosmetic buried in rather cumbersome lists (esp for sprays)?

Voice lines and weapon charms can be cool….but I have to agree with you that overall the rewards are pretty bad, and the titles probably require excessively playing Prop Hunt, which I am not a fan of to begin with.


Maybe not make rewards exclusive to one year/event?

2000+ people were fired recently, guess which ones were kept in the team?


I just want to play the game to get a neat epic skin.

Obviously, they don’t want to give away a free epic skin, when they could sell it for 10 dollars.

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The king and his men
Fired the whole damn dev team
And charge a leg for their skins
We miss the days
When those who played
Could earn their loot through wins

All hands
Hoist the colors high
Pigs and Reapers
Never shall we die!


If I had to choose between FOMO skin and 20$ skin I choose 20$. But does not mean I buy that.
So no reward is not that bad for me TBH

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That means you’re either not very smart or you’re a troll.

What this means is people don’t like having to win 100 matches in a game with a broken matchmaker that sees people go on extended losing streaks. They want challenges that are more manageable.

Even a small child can understand this one. If there is a seasonal event going on, people want to do things related to that event. If there is a special game mode only available during the event, people want there to be attention paid to the special game mode. They want to multiple challenges related to that game mode. Not just one or two related to the game mode and the rest you can do in other modes. There should be challenges to complete outside of those game modes but the focus needs to be on the event.

Come on, man. You can’t be so dense that you don’t understand why people are upset that there are not event related skins. I refuse to believe any human with the slightest bit of sentience would have a hard time understanding why people are upset that there are no event skins.

This much we can tell. You are struggling to understand simple things that even a toddler could pick up on.


It honestly seems like you don’t read anything that doesn’t align with your opinion. The post right above yours says:

I don’t know why you had to resort to insults to get your opinion, but you do you.

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Well i really like new sprays/name card and title. So im happy to get them

YET, it is unacceptable that they keep releasing event and gatekeeping event skins.

Pirates should have come later next week or something, event should have started with mercy skin and some others designed for this event or bundles with discount from previous lunar years not those damn pirates.

Yeah, there isn’t a single reward I’d use. Terrible!


I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Micro$oft doesn’t care if anything will increase prices or can the game over all before they bother decreasing them or giving anything away for free. OW has been dead for over a year in this specific regard.

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They’re just getting their yacht fund in order. Those bonuses aren’t going to earn themselves! :money_mouth_face:


There have been dry patches galore in ow2 with a steaming pile of nothing for content.

This one isn’t quite as bad as, say, late season 3 or 4. (or 5. 6 too. 7 as well?!?)

What am I defending again? Nvm, back to que. :face_exhaling:

Edit: I got it! More like Year of the Turd Dragon! Am I right y’all? :rofl:

Those loot boxes look pretty good right now.

You are actually lying. Apex players complain more than OW players.