Lucioball just changed to Junkenstein's Revenge in the middle of the day?




THANK GOD!! stops farming CP to actually have some fun

later forums!


I totally agree, the anniversary event is not the time for competitive FFA.


Hey, we were supposed to have a week of total mayhem, but they took it out for some reason.


Thank f-ck. At least I can get my arcade boxes out of the way without wanting to blow my brains out. Thank christ for PvE arcade modes.






I barely found out that Lucioball was running, loaded up my game for the first time in months, and by the time I update it’s moved on to another game.

Lucioball is about the only reason I come back to this game. Make it available all the time as an arcade choice.

I have completely lost interest in the main game.


And at 8pm ET? That’s STUPID. How about 0800 UTC which is after most people in the US gave up and went to bed??


It goes by UTC/GMT time, in which midnight is currently 8PM ET.

Which seems like a sound decision for a game people are playing all over the world. Countries outside the US exist, people.


Must be based on UTC not GMT(well, it’s BST here) or CST.


The day has always ended at 8PM in this game. I think lootboxes reset at that time on mondays too from arcade and even Competitive ends at that time too. It is known.


And did someone just tell me that the event started less than 24 hours ago? SO NOT EVEN A FULL (#$&#@$ DAY OF THE EVENT BEFORE IT SWITCHES?

What total incompetence.


Wow, knew it, Lucioball didn’t even get 24 hours on Arcade. How pathetic. I hope it reappears again during the event.


AHHHH man I was hoping to play some Lucioball after work. :frowning:



blizzard has all the game modes on their servers, they’re just making sure you cant access them.

maybe cus server cant handle it or something but even then, blizzard should honstly just stop with their crappy server choices and just do a straight upgrade at this point. They’re falling behind on teh times in that situation.

Its just trash that they just dont have a menu for “game modes” where you can play whatever game mode you want.

Or just outright release a schedule of what the game modes are going to be at what times and how long they’re gonna last.


Agreed. I don’t even play deathmatch nor am I interested in it. During the event it should have at least two slots dedicated to past event brawls, perhaps even both cycling.


Lucio Ball is my favorite arcade mode but we didn’t even get a full day of it before it switched come on at least give us one day before you go and change it.


It shouldnt even have slots.

All the options should be available.

TF2 has like seven game modes and all of them are available.

Even teh holiday game mode stuff is available on custom servers for tf2


I really wish deathmatch wasn’t taking up most of the arcade.

I hate deathmatch, but loved Lucio ball. Only got one round in before it switched😓

Though I do like Pve👍

They should at least have two going at a time, switch out pve and pvp, but always have one of both.