Lucioball ball hitbox is bugged

I just can’t boop most time even with low latency, can you please check it and fix?


Can you fix it already?! It’s very annoying!

it’s a you problem, working fine for me

I saw many people reporting that in game.

No it’s not. I have 52 ms latency and I don’t exist for the game most of the time.

I don’t even have collision while standing still.
I played 5 games in total and it never got better I felt like I wasn’t even there. I amounted to NOTHING during the game, ball would pass through my body while I was almost still and not even jumping.
Boops don’t register at all 4 times out of five. I’m never touching that mode ever again - btw all other game modes are absolutely fine.

It’s not a “you problem” but your attitude is.

are you really going to reply to a 12 day old post and try to lecture me on my attitude? I didn’t even say “you problem” in an offensive or derogatory manner, but you come here and necro a post just to scream at me about some random stuff

please stop

ts definitely there. seems more prevalent when in the goalie spot to me. just be spamming right click and ball just bounce into you even and it just does not register and they get a goal.

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I posted that 12 days ago, it might be happening more now

Ah yes, it’s so much better to actually create more and more and more topics no one is going to read because this post is shock horror 12 days old.

The problem is still there and this post was the only thing I found on google.


Ball hitbox is definitely bugged. Agree that it seems to happen a lot in the goalie position. Several times I’ve heard “SAVE!” and seen the words yet the ball passes right by me for a goal. When in the middle of the field the hitbox seems to be much larger.