Lucio Hero Select Audio Glitch

The game audio consistently glitches out when I select Lucio. It sounds like someone holding down the pause button on a video. As far as I know it’s only caused by selecting Lucio. I have scanned and repaired my game but it did not fix the issue. Has this happened to other people?


Signed in for the first time just to contribute to this. Yeah the weird thing is if you select him his little audio comes in and distorts EVERYTHING for a few seconds. If you select other heroes after him it’s weird. As far as I know this started today for me. It wasn’t there yesterday that I can recall.

I get this bug too, happened on the release of seasson 7. Also seems to occur for zarya but to a lesser extent?

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Just bumping this because I also been having the same problem. You merely select Lucio or even Zarya and the sound briefly “scrambles” before returning to normal. Though for me, this happened I believe when the Invasion update was released.

Sorry for the double post but let me just point out that this is for PC users which I play the game in. But if your still having this problem…

I think I found the solution at least for PC players.

Go to “Options”, then go to the “Sound” tab. Finally, check on the option next to “Spatial Audio” (sorry if I misspelled that first word) and make sure it’s set to “System Settings”. Mine was set to “Dobly Atoms for Headphones”. I believe that wasn’t my original setting till after an Overwatch 2 update for some reason.

But yeah, for anyone still having trouble with this PC wise, this might cut that weird sound glitch.

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This is still an issue for me with this current patch. Hope it’s fixed soon!

Same here… This is really annoying…

Confirmed here as well. Wasn’t sure if it was just Lucio but it doesn’t seem to be happening on other heroes now.

Did anyone see my earlier post? Not sure if it works or not but my earlier post fixed the problem. But being a PC user, I don’t know if everyone on consoles have the same options in the “Sound” tab.

Same thing has been happening with skin changes on certain characters. Torb is one of them.

Happens with Reaper as well.

I experience stutter-ridden audio anytime lucio is shown by default during hero selection. It is reliably reproducible for me.

Certain headphones have this issue. It’s been an issue for a ridiculously long time.

I’ve been having the same issue and so have many others. I keep thinking my game or PC is broken but it’s just the game. Hoping it gets fixed

Logitech GoPro and just started having this issue with season 6 something had to change