Lucio emote is unfair for EU players

They also didn’t mention China.
I think the reason why they didn’t added EU is because it’s harder to determine if toxicity has dropped thanks to the different languages.

How can Blizzard determine if toxicity has dropped in the first place?

I do want Jeff to post stats of other regions as well.

I know it sucks right now, but they said they will make the times more EU friendly next season.

They have never anticipated for the OWL to be such a success right of the bat. They actually thought it will be around 20k viewers. Now that they have “tested” it in the inaugural season, I am sure it will be better for us next year.

Until the players whine again that they are sleepy and cannot play well during those times and they want the old schedule.

Happened before,will happen again.

Besides,most EU countries simply cannot get the OWL tokens from watching even if they stay awake. Do you think Blizzard even acknowledged that? They dont give a thing about EU.

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Watching owl in my country doesn’t give me tokens

Thats what i said, most people cannot even get the tokens they love to advertise so much, they dont acknowledge that flaw.

Its not a global League and by far not for everyone, things like this make it clear. Just dont know why people needed a Lucio emote to realize what i and many others said when they started OWL.

We said its going to fail because the majority dont care: They showed us number of the opening day how successful it was and how many people watched it, the numbers decreased day by day since then and rapidly,what did they do?
Implemented a system which gives tokens for watching,and the launcher starts the stream whether you want it or not, apparently afk viewers are good to keep up appearance.

Then it became clear,that its still not enough,what did they do? They started releasing event info between matches (at first they told exactly when its going to happen,after that they dont even tell the exact time,but only its going to happen sometimes during the stream).

The final nail is the All-Access not selling well so they do this,(The pink Mercy was testing ground,they even admitted it,this is the next step and definitely not the last) sure OWL is a huge success and have no negative effect on the game whatsoever. We can only thank the Mercy rework,the rework and the Sombra nerf just to mention a few, and the slow game updates.

And dont think i forget the day when the OWL skins got released, we had the Blizzard world and the basic lootbox drop pool extension planned for that week, which got delayed because Torbjörn could place a turret where he should not or whatever weak excuse it was for a delay, such a coincidence the OWL skins were ready for that week.

(for the record i bought the all access pass way before this whole emote thing,because I KNEW they will pull off something like this, and believe me ,this isnt over with this emote. Just wait until they announce that you will get random OWL skin drops for watching the finals live or something like that)


Did you not read the following post in regards to that?

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You can watch the games the next day. You still recieve all the league pass benefits because they are tied to the pass. Games come on at 11pm for me and I am in the US all i do is just watch what matches I want the following day.

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You cannot use the alternative camera during replays, which is an All-Access feature.

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you can watch the vods or rebroadcasts they do twice a day. and the all access stuff is available as vods too

you even get the league token drops watching rebroadcasts

that is fine

the issue is the emote should be available through other means to if you have no interest in OWL

they can sell the emote at 5 dollars and it would do gangbusters with much less complaints
the problem is they ask for 30 dollars for an emote that’s packed with things a lot of people dont want

if they had also said later we would be able to get that emote in a different way then people who want the pass buy it now and other people will give in or wait.

The PR is bad on this one and feels scummy even if in the end it isnt,because they communicated poorly
if they intend to give us other ways to get it in a year ,maybe that would be fine and much less people would feel this is blizz turning down a dark path

He said he didn’t have the information YET. Chill.

They physically can’t. If they stream games, time zones are a thing. What do you want them to do? In the end, people in different time zones will get screwed over.

It’s not the same when you’re not watching it live.

Less greedy? Activision/Blizzard is after EA the most greedy in the entire industry.


Yes it is. It’s completely the same, the chat is still open and you still get points.

He is brazilian…not american…he speaks Portuguese…that is EU speak…what are you talking about?!

They have, but the dev comment tab is missing.

Stage 1, the match times were much more EU friendly. They changed them from Stage 2 because reasons.

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Oh yes, remember the events and releasing contents while EU is sleeping.


Exactly. I look at it like the Olympics or the World Cup or any major televised event. Prime time is the time of whatever the country it’s happening in. Most people in NA weren’t able to watch FIFA world cup games live due to the game times being during regular working hours. It sucks, but what can be done? A convenient time for one area may not be a convenient time for another. That’s just how it is with time zones and this massive planet we live on.