Lucio Changes Indirect Buff

As many know with these changes. Below

With these changes, due to sound wave not consuming any ammunition now, this was a indirect buff to Lucio’s damage.

Not only did they made Lucio’s Wallride easier to preform, but they also did a indirect buff to his damage potential overall. :wink:

Well played Blizzard.

It’s a shame the current meta is about burning through armour :c

He would be in a SUPER strong place if it wasn’t for NEEDING as much damage as possible currently

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Yes, but lucky he pairs well with Brigitte.

Didn’t you hear?, Sombra is breaking the game, she shouldn’t be allowed to use hack while reloading.

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Feels bad to be a Sombra Main :sweat_smile:, but I am still loyal to her.

I’m pretty sure you don’t understand what the word indirect means.

It’s pretty clear to anyone that it’s a direct damage buff when you get 4 extra ammo.


I am aware I know what indirect means.

What can I saw, Somvra made a tiny mistake :wink: opps.