Lost SR despite returning to game

Hi Blizzard I play on the account GelarPls#2450. I just had a game on Junkertown where OW gave my computer a visual glitch that demanded a system reboot. Luckily I returned in time to aid my team in a clutch victory.

After winning the game I expected to see my SR increase, but instead I found I had received a 50 SR penalty and had 30 seconds of a ban left to endure. Is this really fair? Could you please check my accounts history to grant me my winning SR for what is quite obviously an impressive win or at least give me back my 50 SR that I lost for abandoning a game I didn’t abandon.

All the best and thank you


You likely failed to return within two minutes from the time the server realized that you left the match, because of this, the penalty still stands and the skill rating reduction will not be reversed. Details about this policy are found here.