"Lost connection to game server"

Keep getting disconnected from the game server, I flushed my IP and it was fine then the ENTIRE other team disconnected and a new enemy team connected and I was penalized for it considering I was being forcefully disconnected from the server.

tldr; Got penalized from getting disconnected especially when I’m in a group of 3+ people

Stop playing competitive until you sort out your connection issues, otherwise you’ll just keep collecting penalties. Try looking over this thread for connection issues:


As for the penalty, Blizzard has no way of discerning if you dc’d or pulled the plug, and because of this everyone suffers the same. More info here:

Is still get this problem, I open the game and it just goes right to “Lost connection to game server”…I want a refund or soemthing, because the overwatch team clearly doesn’t give a shi t about their game. I paid for the game and I just can’t play now…waste of money. I have watched countless videos concerning this problem, none off them have done anything. Thank you blizzard, very cool

Please don’t necro old threads. The game servers are up and running, so this is an issue somewhere with your equipment or on the lines between you and Blizzard. If you want to troubleshoot, start a new thread with some network tests. No one can help without any of this information.

If you don’t have access to a PC: http://us-looking-glass.battle.net