Lost connection to game server lost sr

I just hit 3022 for support and I was playing DPS which is silver. Everything was going great until the red square appeared and I lost connection to the game server. It kicked me out of the game which I immediately tried to join back. The game proceeds to drop my dps SR which is understandable. But then it also drops my Support SR. GIVE ME BACK MY SR! Why am I being punished for something I have zero control over? I understand that leaving games is wrong and ruins the experience for other plays. I take the loss and the 50 SR loss for my DPS. But I worked way to hard to get to 3022 just to be punished for something out of my control.

Unfortunately all disconnections and game crashes counts as leaving the match and will be penalized appropriately. The game server has no way to discern a legitimate disconnection or game crash from one that is forcefully caused by a dishonest player to bypass leaver penalties. You can learn about this policy here:

If you are still disconnecting from games, please avoid Competitive Play, and post in the technical support forum with additional details or check out these starting steps:

Hi Kaged. I totally agree with this. It is unfair to lose something you worked so hard for due to something out of your control. Blizzard devs please help this person out

No wonder Overwatch is a dead game.

I do agree that losing 50 on the two other roles is kind of dumb. But unfortunately I do not think Blizzard has ever refunded SR for a DC. It is very difficult to differentiate a genuine DC versus someone intentionally unplugging their router

tl;dr: the -50 SR thing is just there to scare you, after a couple of games its effect will be completely gone (unless you keep DC’ing)

your SR will have dropped by 50 but your MMR will be (basically) the same

so over the next few games you will gain more SR from winning than you would have done if you didn’t have the -50 SR punishment, and you’ll lose less SR when you lose, until your SR and MMR are in balance again