Lost connection, rejoined, won game, still lost all the sr

I was in a comp game and was completely disconnected for a brief period of time. after a couple tries, I managed to rejoin and we won the game. It was the same game, same teams, and I managed to make it back, but I still lost 50 sr and gained nothing for the win despite me being there most of the game and even managing to return after the forced disconnect. It’s as though we never won and now Im out 50 sr points because of something completely out of my control. is there anything that can be done about that? This has to be a bug. My internet is stable too, I never play when we have internet trouble. Apparently, the problem occurred with my whole team, I was just the unlucky one who got booted. we were on a win streak counting the game I was kicked from. this cost me all the sr I gained from the streak and left me with less than I started despite not a single loss.

This is not a bug. Competitive Leaver Penalty Rules will automatically penalize a player that takes more than two minutes to return to a match, regardless of the match result. It also applies if a player leaves and returns three times or more in a single match. This rule is enforced to prevent a dishonest player from returning to try and minimize the impact of SR loss and bypass the penalty altogether, especially if a miraculous 5 versus 6 win occurs. Details about this and the entire Competitive Leaver rules and why they affect technical malfunctions can be found here:

Happened to me 3 times today, joined in less than 2 mins (SSD, so 30 sec boot at most), still lost 100 SR in total, last game 3 out of 6 players from our team got DCD, clicked rejoin and nothing happened.

The weird thing is that the game does not give me a 10 minute ban so it knows i connected in less that 2 mins but it DOES take the SR and that’s it !

exactly. apparently it was even team wide, like i said, in my case i was just the only one who got booted. i was back online as quick as i could be, the game wouldnt let me back in instantly. all it took was sr. no ban.