Lost 50 SR due to an error on Blizzard's end?

Hi. I was disconnected during a Competitive match and was unable to go back online within the Blizzard client for nearly an hour. I know that this issue wasn’t caused by my Internet connection because I was able to browse the Internet as normal during this time. When I logged back on, I had lost 50 SR. I know that the pinned forum post on this topic describes such an occurrence as “pretty rare,” but I’m wondering if there’s really nothing to be done for a disconnect that had nothing to do with me. Thanks for your time!

SR is never refunded in these cases.

Just gotta accept it as unlucky and move on.

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The issue may have been on the route to Blizzard within the ISP’s peering network, but there haven’t been any server outages reported for a while.

As for the SR loss, there is no way to differentiate between pulling your power cord and leaving with a disconnection. They look exactly the same to all pieces of software.

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