Lost 30 SR on a draw (also been kicked twice this season due to instant cues

I was playing a game today around 8:00pm which resulted in a draw. Before the game began I had between 2430 and 2440 SR. When it finished I was at 2406…WTF. Also I’ve been trying so hard to climb to Plat and am so close but twice this season I’ve been booted to inactivity because i instant cued into a game I tried to exit. I have a newborn baby so when I try not to join a game bc the baby needs to be fed. I need to not to join a game. I basically feel like I’ve been robbed of hundreds of SR this season and I’m clawing my way back towards plat constantly. If I dont get some SR given back to me I’m gonna quit blizzard games all together bc I’m not gonna work for something and then then have some glitch that’s out of my control bring me back down when I get close. Please just give me my 30 SR back from the Draw match, I’ll be more careful to avoid your instant cue glitch and we’ll call it even. Please respond to this thread or email me directly.

If you disconnected during that match and did not return for at least two minutes the SR loss is expected (and should be -50 for a standard leaver penalty). In any case, there is no way to restore any SR for any kind of technical issue regardless where. Learn more in this Blizzard post: