LOST 100 sr of an unexpected error with new patch

Starting competitive game overwatch crashs and I lost 50 sr for an unexpected error. Never happened before this patch. Then hoping it was a random error I lost another match and 50 sr. No name of the error or code with the system signal. plz fix and give me back my sr D:

Set both languages as well the game and voice lines at english it should work :slight_smile: (check twitter blizzard america)–> https://twitter.com/BlizzardCS

SR Will not refunded, I’m sorry.

I just had this happen to me. So since its a bug on yalls end we have to suffer the consequences?? Kicked me out of the whole game, so i loose 50 sr and have to wait 10 min. Thats messed up

Sorry i’ve got nothing to say in it. SR will not be refunded.

i don’t think u work for blizzard but the fact that the sr would be not refunded is silly cos is not a connection or pc problem is a patch problem. For 100sr i need to win almost 5 match and for each of them i need to spend 15 min of time with a queue time of 10 or more min so like at least 125 min gone (if god give me the bless to win streak 5 games). All this waste of time cos blizzard can not fix its game or refund the players? I sent tickets of the error by battlenet, and on my account there are the replays of those match lost at the start. Why can not be the refund.

Because it’s a rule and it’s just like that.
If you’d like more information about this topic you can read about it here: Overwatch Technical Issues, SR Loss, and Leaver Penalties

Queue times are caused by the player, yes we wanted 2-2-2 so badly but we didn’t know this would happen and well since Blizzard doesn’t really do reverts (Scratch that they’ve reverted something recently) so it could be an issue for longer.

I really feel you but nothing can be done about it, if you really feel like you can open a customer support ticket and ask for a refund there. But i doubt they will actually refund.

I keep posting on this but no one seems to be taking it seriously. It has been happening the past few seasons but it’s worse than ever now.

I get an error message even though my connection is fine and I can’t log in after the server kicks me. It takes too long to log back in and I get a penalty every time.

It is primarily in competitive, almost never in QP. I just got off of a 20hr ban and the first match it happens. This Helper guy replying here pretty much told me it’s not their problem and to just quit, so I have uninstalled. It’s clear that they do not care about this issue, so if you are experiencing this or know anyone else who is, I’d advise you to do the same. Will never buy another Blizzard product.

That’s not what he said and secondly i’m not experiencing any issues whatsoever i recommend you go to the #technical-support subforum and try to get help there if the issue persists then it’s only targetting random people.

In another thread he actually did say that. He said it was because of DDOS and there’s nothing they can do about it, and when I mentioned quitting because I’m unable to play he said: “Well if you know there is an issue you usually would stop playing because it would only result in more problems for you.”

Its fine. I’m sure you guys listen to people complain all day. I’m just frustrated that I won’t get to play my favorite game anymore and that the blame is somehow shifted on me.

I’m not trying to sound rude sorry if that’s the case, feedback would be nice yeah.

But correct the game has gone around the trash since 2-2-2 gives insane queue times.

I honestly don’t care about que times. My experience when I’m actually able to play is the best it’s ever been. Who cares if you get in more games when a good deal of them are 4 dps. I’ve had way fewer losses this season except for this server error.

I wish this game had a pause bank like CS. Another min or two and I could actually recover from a crash.

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You should actually suggest that in #general-discussion that sounds like a good idea.