Lost 100 SR for no reason!

I finally made it to gold, my SR reached 2011 after battling up from 1100 over 11 seasons! I was so happy I called my son to show him, and accidentally hit the competitve button. Realizing my mistake I immediately cancelled, but even though it seemed to cancel, I was still left in a queue for competitive with no way to leave (there was no cancel menu on top center anymore). We are talking about less than 2 seconds here. I immediately powered down my PS to avoid going into a match. To my shock, when I logged back in, my SR had dropped by 50! I was so shocked I couldn’t believe it and wanted to check if I had been banned for a while as well. It didn’t show any message which I though was unusual as I had been banned a few weeks ago when the sever kicked me out of the same game twice (along with most of my team mates), so I hit competitive again to check if that would be blocked. However, it wasn’t and guess what… I couldn’t cancel again and couldn’t get out of the competitive queue. So I powered down again in blind panic. Turns out I have lost another 50 SR! So instead of being gold at 2011, I am suddenly, for no reason, back at Silver 1911. I can’t quite express how this saddens me. Please Blizzard, tell me you have heard my plea and restore me to the gold I fought so hard for . Note: the PSN account is Janxl_au.

You shut down your console while still in queue? This was the mistake. Your search queue doesn’t immediately end when you disconnect, shut down, etc. from the game without properly cancelling and shutting down. Until it times out (which can take up to 45 seconds) you can still be paired for a match. Even if you hit the cancel search button, wait at least 10 seconds before shutting down the console. This will ensure you did not get paired for a match in the moments of you pressing “Cancel Search”.

Unfortunately there is no way to reverse penalties.

Thanks for that insight, that explains what happened “behind the scenes”.

I still feel there has been a glitch/bug though in that:

  • I was cancelling the competitive queue (circle almost round) when this cancel menu suddenly dissapeared and I guess I was placed in a match (I didn’t stay to find out, just powered down the PSN immediately).
  • This was all within 2-3 seconds. I have never been placed that fast ever.
  • I never saw the team screen, or Match found popup. The only option I had to get out of “it” was to power down.
  • When I came back I did not get the leaver ban warning I had seen once before. Puzzled I did the same again and this time did not even get to see the cancel search button before apparantly being placed.
  • I have still not been banned for a period from competitive, suggesting to me that there is something going wrong at Blizzard end.

Anyway, in general I feel very strongly that if you are cancelling you competitive search, then you should not be placed, and certainly not be penalized. We can all click on the wrong button right? There should be some grace period allowing you to back out of a wrong click…