Loss streaks are absolutely the result of bad matchmaking

The terrible netcode is partly to blame, even if balanced teams are placed against each other, it means nothing if one team is handicapped with a proportion of their actions having the no-hit-reg desync issue.

You also get those times where you are winning, the lightning bolt+3 boxes appear for brief moment and suddenly one team all just die at the same time.

I am sure a lot of you have never experienced this, grats on not being crippled by blizzards amateur netcode.

All of these things cause you to lose matches which negatively impacts both your win rate and SR. Did you even read what you just wrote? Let me paraphrase it. “Losing games doesn’t affect your win rate.” It’s only a net zero if those things happen to the enemy team in the same game that it is happening to me. Guess what? That doesn’t happen.

In something like wow it used to be like this:
You wanna play 2v2 arenas? You have to find a 2v2 parter, create a team or you don’t get to queue.
Same for the other formats.
Like this, the Elo based matchmaking works decently, because it treats the team as a unit.
Also, the matchmaker can’t put morons in your team and you have no one to blame but yourself (and perhaps balance, but that’s a different issue than matchmaking entirely).

Just because you don’t have a team does not mean you can’t form one.
They wont do it, because most people can’t be bothered to make a team.

But again, the system cannot possibly achieve what people want… allow them to queue in any format with random allies and at the same time have consistent teams AND satisfying matches. It’s not possible. So the phenomenon of what people refer to as forced loss streaks will continue.

For something like that to change for the better without the need for mandatory full premades for competitive, both the game itself need to be restructured AND for Elo based matchmaking to be abandoned in favor of a different system. Until people realize that, they can keep on bashing their heads against the wall.

However, for people to reach that realization, they need to have some experience in a game, where the system behaves properly.
I’d say something like TBC Classic is the perfect opportunity for that, as I can’t really think of other games that have the old, untainted version of the system…

And because most people could not be bothered to sit and learn something, there’ll never be a massive outcry form the community for the system to be fixed.
Blizzard will keep on playing dumb and leave things as is… and by playing dumb, I mean exactly that:
there should be at least one person there smart enough, that is able to understand why Elo does not work for forming teams of random players, and why the personal performance factor is ill conceived.

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They could but they wont, this game isnt that important to them. A lot of us just want to play alone

That’s pretty stupid. Why would I want to abide by some other people’s schedule when I want to play? I don’t play games to follow a schedule that other people have.

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Hey there, it looks like you are pulling the information from the old version of my dev post directory. I have an update to date forum topic and have been working to restore many of the lost developer statements. Here is the exact quotes from the subject you are discussion about how SR differs from hidden MMR.

Source: Old Overwatch Forum Archives

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i couldve sworn you had archived versions…but i couldnt find it cause it lost the pinned status…so yes i did a search and guess i got the older version?

It’s still pinned, but you may have manually disabled the pin for your specific forum account (which you do by clicking the thumbtack icon).

or maybe im used to how you had it in the older version…regardless i managed to find it…

i wish more people would read it…people are always looking for dev responses to so many questions and it turns out theyve addressed many of them several times before


All we have is guesses and anecdotes. Blizzard has never and WILL never tell us the specifics of how the system decides who plays with who.


So, every time I want to enjoy game, I should search for team and form one? Sounds like way too much trouble for couple of hours of gameplay.

It’s main reason I never bothered to try WoW - perspective of having to join guild and forming raid party just to enjoy some content sounds very unappealing to me.

So the games you win because the enemy team has a thrower don’t count?

Well, if you win 7 or 8 games in a row, you can play open q and have a loss streak in that mode and then come back to role queue and keep wining :joy:

No, not really. It rarely happens and is totally unbalanced. For every 10 times this happens to me, it happens to the enemy team once. Today, I played a bunch of QP and did fine. I played 1 competitive match and had a leaver in that game. Please do not underestimate how often this sort of stuff happens. Like I said, it’s a daily occurrence. It happens more than once a day. Sure, some of it is beyond the control of Blizzard. Not all of it is beyond their control though.

Maybe it’s rigged to stick it to four people simultaneously.:crazy_face:

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Underrated post with good examples.

Most of the complaints about Overwatch matchmaking come from a combination of kids that don’t understand statistics and internet conspiracy theorists.

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Actually the devs have talked plenty about it…enough to at least shoot down many conspiracy theories but people continue with them anyway


Blizzard’s description - we put together 2 numbers and get 4.

Is it 1+3? 2x2? 2+2?

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It could be 404-400.

The poor matchmaking isn’t so much on Blizzard. It’s all the throwers, smurfs, boosters, account sellers, and bronze/unranked to GM streamers every week. A match maker only works when there aren’t players actively trying to abuse it and gaming the system