Losing SR in competitive

WEll i was queing up for competitive a moment ago ,and it was searching for a game,during that a disconect happend and i lost sr ,and it didn’t even enter a game ,how so ? i want my points back , iam so triggered

This happened to me just now as well… Like, what gives? I didn’t even get loaded into the comp match itself. It just straight kicked me out of the match and took away my SR and gave me a 10 minute suspension!

I would advise to post in tech support, however they will give you a brush off answer and say it isn’t their problem.

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What happened is that the server does not immediately remove you from the queue or see you as disconnected for a few seconds. During that time, you can still be paired into a Competitive Match and the “queue dodging” rule then applies. Players like myself can lend a hand in the technical support forum, if you are disconnecting frequently but it is a good idea to start with these basic steps first if you are disconnecting frequently:

Unfortunately penalties must still stand, but it should be easy to recover your SR as your MMR is likely out of alignment, and if you only have the starting penalty of a 10 minute suspension, you should be able to start playing again after taking time to check any possible problems on your end. Details about the leaver policy can be found here:

Working as intended.

It happens. Don’t worry about it and you will gain your SR back later if you deserve to be higher anyway.

tnx for the nice feedback <3

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