Losing SR even after rejoining the match

I’m almost at my season high and about to reach diamond after being stuck in plat for the last 8+ months. We were completely dominating the enemy team and suddenly my game disconnects. My internet was up and everything seemed to be working fine, however, I can’t enter overwatch.
After 1 minute of trying, I finally rejoin. We continue to dominate the game and even end up winning.
Me leaving did not affect the team negatively (Since we win regardless) then why do I still lose ~75 SR? (penalty + getting no SR for winning)? How does that make any sense?


Are you sure it was 1 minute (2 minutes go by faster than what people realize)?

A penalty still applies if you are absent for more than 2 minutes in a match. Details in this guide from Blizzard:

I left during the hero select screen on attack, so that’s 1 and a half minutes of doing nothing. When I rejoined, it was less than a minute into the round.

I was kicked during hero selection because i was grabbing a drink of water. I got back and it said kicking for inactivity and the countdown was at 2. Clearly that wasn’t enough time for me to pick a character so i immediately rejoined. I still got the 50SR penalty. I was not absent for more than 2 minutes so I don’t think that applies?

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