Losing sr because of bug in game

I lose my sr because inactivity while in the game actually loading screen. I don’t even get chances to pick or play. Please give me back my sr. I can provide a screenshot if you wan.

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Blizzard doesn’t give remove penalties, which means they don’t give back SR either. Part of the reason is likely based on the fact if they did they would be forced to investigate every single story whenever someone loses SR. It would increase cost for support of the game considerably which would make removing all penalties more cost effective. This in turn would make the ranking system an absolute joke with people leaving every single time they are about to lose. So in my opinion getting SR back should never become an option. It is simply not a feasible option.

Why can’t Blizzard remove penalties for technical issues?

The effect on your fellow players is the same no matter why you disconnect. As a result, if you play a match while having technical issues, and you drop from the match, your account may be penalized. Blue Posters and our Customer Support team have no way to remove the penalties. This is because the system is working the way it was designed. Instead, we focus on troubleshooting the thing that originally caused the problem. If we fix that, you shouldn’t have problems anymore.