Losing comp points/suspension due to failure to connect

Definitely not my internet. It’s only on overwatch and it just began happening. I won’t even get to the load screen. Just says rejoin game on main menu and then bam 50 points gone not to mention suspension cuz the game thinks I’m quitting. I’ve easily lost 200 points. And last suspension lasted 8hours! That’s ridiculous. Any ideas??

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If you’re repeatedly getting disconnected, stop queuing for those modes until you investigate the issue. On that matter, please provide a WinMTR so we can try to diagnose the issue.

??? So I tried downloading the winmtr but all we have are tablets and our consoles. Can’t download it on our tablet… can you download it on the console? Sorry not super tech savvy just want to play our game and not worry about losing points constantly.

Hey Nicole,
I had the same problem at 7th April 2019 around 2:00 AM IST.
I made a ticket myself here

Please check it out.

I didn’t realize this was on console, as I’m not staff and cannot see your account information. You can run a looking glass test here: http://us-looking-glass.battle.net