Lore question on Amélie Lacroix

So does the name Amélie Lacroix (last name for character) have anything to do with the French mathematician Sylvestre François Lacroix? When these characters were created for the game?

why should it? Lacroix is a real french surname.


Also the surname Lacroix comes not from Amélie but Gerard. Her maiden name is Guillard.

well, actually the name Lacroix was given to her by marrying Gerard Lacoix, who ran Overwatch’s operations against Talon in Italy. It would be funny to think that he was “calculating” about how to handle the situation with Talon in Italy but in the end he was deceived by his own wife. It also makes me think about how widowmaker became so calculating that she created a “checkmate” situation in Alive: the trajectory of the shot Tracer couldn’t ignore, but still the assassin had hit her target, Mondatta.

However, I am of the opinion that it is just a coincidence, I’m honest. it’s a bit like saying that “Lacroix” is also the name of a crater on the Moon (dedicated to the French mathematician) and that coincidentally Luna (the name of the omnic singer in Paris) means moon. it’s a bit too large a leap of speculation to define it as truly connected, in my opinion. but I admit that I would like to imagine “mathematical attention” in the murder of Widowmaker.


And a very common one, nonetheless. “Amélie Lacroix” sounds like “John Smith”, so like everything is possible, but I think the most probable one is they just picked a stock “very French-sounding name”.