Looking for Support EU

Hi there,

We are a group of 5 and have been working extremely hard past few weeks trying to learn new combos, heroes and team chemistry together. We play every day and have alot of fun doing so. We are planning to start our rank journey as a team in the next 2weeks.

Most of us are Plat on our respective roles. However we do need a support player

  • Willing to have fun and learn
  • use mic
  • 18+
  • likes banter
    -Support main role (Gold or up in rank)
  • From the EU
    -Speaks English

Get in touch. Male or female it doesnt matter. Currently there is a 50/40 ratio of male and female in our team. We get along well together and have become great friends ever since we met.

So someone who has a chilled, fun and learning attitude will go a long way.

Get in touch. My Discord add: Draco#6272

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Im not from eu but I meet all other requirements… if thats ok my discord is domina#8838

Im up for it.
But I have a counter proposal:
We do a review on what you and your teams view is on teamwork.
I see a lot of players misguided on what teamwork is in OW. >.>

We got our players. Thank you all for reading. Thread closed.