Looking for QP player

I honestly didn’t think my English was really good, but I’ll trying to explain all I want to say and some request as much as I can

I myself more enjoying in QP than custom / arcade or a comp! The role I think I can make it more useful most is Support(Any hero but didn’t learn more about Brig and Zen I used to learn but didn’t get in touch since new season) then Tank(Mostly Ramattra,D.VA,Reinhartd and Orisa) then DPS(Mostly Sym and Genji)

but since now, everytime to solo queue it’s more sweaty than want to chill or having fun as result than trying to switch and switch just to satisfied some for victory desired(I recently having a thought if Comp might be more chilling than this, but still a coward somehow)

So beside my blah blah yapping about

  • I playing only on PC Steam and my closet server is SEA

  • I enjoying to typing more than voice (Even I am 20+ now but I still hate on my voice)

  • I didn’t having a exactly time for online or playing, I have so much to do honestly so I don’t really mind if you want to playing sometimes and then fast logout (I understand it well)

  • I only have Discord for talking and asking for queue together (but still didn’t use much as well)

  • In case if you are still reading, The uncomfortable conversations for me is using bad words or even it’s small things such a swearing / I have tried to understand more that everyone have their will to using that words(In a good way) but even still, I can’t make myself feel alright(It’s must be hard to find a people who didn’t usually used those and must be hard to be friend with I know, It’s the another reason why I was just going to post this here and just let it be)

  • I always welcome new players as well as I can make every newbies feel more comfort to learn heroes and have fun (I will try at best)

  • SO since I didn’t use any of those words (Mostly I use and only I will is ’ God damnit '), but I will respectfully declined any players who are Minor , for me it’s lower than 19 (Already 20 is totally fine for that) because it might be weird for me to having Minor as a friend

! More important thing to say ! (Read before interact will be appreciated)
Sometimes I just deleted some friend in any of my acc, reason is I want to taking good care of my mentally to be more stable as I can (well, I’m the one who paid my medical bills and what I’ve got isn’t worth to payback my billed anyway) I have so many things to be responsibility with, I didn’t have time for misunderstood argument and I’m still a stranger for you anyway

That’s all I want to say and leaving some require, if the above all okay for you my discord is (everlywillthanbefore) , hope to see you around