Looking for pos bronze players that have the same motive as me to progress

joking when i say pos cause i know there are good bronze players that don’t belong in bronze… just getting screwed by bronze curse… anyways I’m looking to progress all the way to at least diamond… I want to go farther and feel I can with a good team… I’m actually losing skill playing in bronze when you have to cater to there mistakes to heal keep your team alive… soo any like-minded folks like myself that are desperate to get out of bronze? the only way is forming a group pugging ain’t gonna get us anywhere. I’m a pretty decent support and really flexible. I can play all support but still working on ana and zenyatta.


I wouldn’t mind giving it a go with you. Whenever I’ve joined groups to play with higher ranks, the teamwork etc just makes the game so much better.

I definitely believe in the bronze curse too.

I’ve only been playing a few weeks but I’m definitely not new to gaming. I like to think I’m decent at OW, as on the lucky times we get a helpful and communicative team, it’s like a whole new game or something.

I’ve just been struggling to find a team because most just see bronze and figure I’m going to run and feed the other team, without getting a single shot in.

Any bronze players who want to play and get out of cursed rank add me :slight_smile: lets go. I do mostly open queue but some role queue comp too.

Hey! I’d be down to form a group for leveling out of bronze, I play almost daily and mainly Tank (Not a great hamster), but I enjoy support Characters as well but also struggle with Ana. I have been mostly playing quick play but im down to expand more into other game modes. Lmk!