Looking for Comp Team

I am a tank main looking for high Bronze, low Silver players to play comp matches with on a regular schedule. Your goal should be to constantly improve and climb out of Bronze/Silver and into Plat+

Hey! Add me: synrocka#2794

I’ve been on a bad stretch lately, so I’m JUST under 1000. Is that too low for you? I never throw, I take direction and hero requests, I use comms and callouts for target priority, I am never toxic, I’ve been around since season 2, I’m flexible enough to play any support and any tank except The Ball (in addition to 4 or 5 DPS heroes), and I’m also one charming ba****d.

I’m online most Friday nights after 6pm pacific time, off and on all day Saturday and Sunday, and also holidays. Send me a friend request/invite.


I am a Genji main and my battletag is TheSmashKid#1702
add me! Im trying to get better

Hey there, also a tank main usually Sigma or Ball. Can flex, to either DPS McCree or Healer as Moira. I usually play between 4-7pm on weekdays, and later on the weekends. Been bouncing around high 1700 low 1800 SR.


Feel free to add me. Mozzie#1860

Zen, Moira, Lucio, Rein - around 1600.


I’m looking for the same. I “main” Moira/Zen, but am able to tank quite strongly with Rein, and DPS with Junk. Check my profile and add me if you wanna give me a shot. Anyone.

Hey, if you read this add me on discord I got some questions, I run a team and have been looking for tank players of any rank so we can all improve, we often run comp or even qp if something mechanical needs practiced and we enter community tournaments for fun!