Looking for a group that can help me with Stand By Me trophy

For awhile now I’ve been wanting to grind the support achievements and I’m stuck with Bap with almost 24h in the character.

The achievement I’m going for is the Stand By Me achievement which requires me to save 4 teammates with 1 immortality field. The problem that I have with this achievement is that I’m totally reliable on my teammates, I had countless of times 3 saves but never 4 since the teammate instinct is to run away from my field when a Dva bomb drops or another ult that can grand me the achievement.

I tried enough to eventually decide to call out for help with this achievement.

If you wanna help me with this achievement I gladly return the favor in any possible way

The plan for the achievement is basically playing quick play (to do this in comp is just a waste) and seek out any opportunity to instantly die and stand as close to me as you can, or a moment where a Torbjorn or Wreckingball uses his ult that we can kamikaze into the ult together under the immortality field.

I got a Discord or we could just use the ingame chat of OW2 for communication

Wow, I just checked and I inadvertently completed that achievement on 12/17/20. That’s for the Baptiste pixel spray.

I’m willing to help.



Thanks for your willing to help tho

Does anyone want to get this spray together!
My zen and bap pixel spray need help

I need it too! Let’s help each other out!